Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yo, Joe...

So, When I went to my Mom's's Friday after my Dental czech up, for the bone graft for my teeth, I looked for my old mouse for my antiquated computor. In the box that I found the mouse in I also found an old Dog Tag of mine. Yup, you heard right, or I guess... read right.

These Dog Tags were mine from 1985-'86, around the time I was in 6th grade, when I was still pretty into G.I. Joe. I sent away for some "Special Missions" send-away-deal-offer-thingy that contained a poster of all the Joes, a Dog Tog with your Name & Address, and a cassette tape of a G.I. Joe Special Mission. One side was kept blank so that you & your friends could record your own Special Mission. More to be updated L8R as I think of more stuff to write, it's KNDA L8, 1:14am is what the Lappy has posted in the corner. As of the end of this post I am currently NOT listening to music, but rather some dishes being cleaned. I'm going to finish eating this freshly made stir-fry.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Greg Sage & the Wipers...

So, I don't know if the Seven of you know this, but the Wipers are one of my favorite bands of all time. I first got into then in the early 90's after czeching them out because they were on Enigma & Restless records as were two of my other favorite bands, Agent Orange & Adrenalin O.D. who I listened to all the time in Junior High & High School. The cassette tapes of said labels had a tear-off card for ordering merchandise & a small list of artists on the label for you to czech out. This is where I saw Wipers , so whenever I would go to my local Camelot Music I would look for any Wipers tapes. I never found any ever at Camelot, it wasn't until I started going to Reckless Records in Chicago, around 1990, that I found a used Wipers cassette, This is when I purchased Follow Blind , a superb album.
It starts with the title track, "Follow Blind", a deeply depressing song that makes you wanna walk around the city in the rain by yourself and contemplate life, the guitar on this track conveys so much emotion, gives me chills & makes me close my eyes. The same can be said, about the guitar, of the song "Let it Slide", the solo in this is sooooo great, I can't even begin to think about how many time I rewound that track just to hear that guitar part in "let it slide" or how many times I listened to that tape.
This whole album is perfect, the track "Losers Town" tells you not to stay in one place too long. The next track "coming down" starts off with some great bluesy solo (to me anyway). Greg Sage is a master at recording, guitar playing & song writing. At 17 years old He worked with a Portland, OR pro wrestler by the name of Beauregarde on an album in 1971, his guitar work on the track "Tomorrow, Tomorrow" is just phenomenal, considering he was only 17.
Around 1991-'92 while watching an interview with Kurt Cobain on MTV or something I heard him mention the wipers, I was all like, "whoa cool!", because I had been a huge fan of Navarna since 1989 when "bleach" was released on Sub Pop as SP34a, my version does not have the tracks "Sifting" or "Big Cheese" on it.

So, after hearing him say that I felt like we were closer because we loved the same band. I too wished to play and or record with Greg Sage even if it were just tuning his guitar or drink coffee during a playback. I think that my cassette of "Follow Blind" was in my all of my cars from 1990-2006. I even found another one and bought it because I was sure the one I had was gunna wear out from me playing it so much.
Now I listen off of iPods which always has a small selection of Greg Sage or Wipers tracks pulled Shuffley onto it.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "The Circle" by the Wipers from the album "The Circle" 1988

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kewt Spoof

So, loik mai FRND Scott Sag Arthur Zone just started his kewt blog on the web interface. He uses his qwerty to type Kewt Stuffs also. BTW, I have a wake 2GO2 todai, in Bartlett, IL. for mai old boss' Dad. Strangers die everyday, this one I actually knew, he was a kewl old dewd who said what was on his mind and spoke the troof, never snowballed you. Not that KNDA snowball either. I don't RLY hate wakes all that much as I do the Viewings. All motionless and inanimate. It's loik staring at someone while they sleep. Can't do it anymore, I used to fake going up there, KNDA loik when you get a greeting card and you open it and count to about 5 or 10 and say thank you. That's basically what I'm doing up there, counting. So, Mr. B if you read this, and then don't see me look over you L8R, I'm SRY. Just know what's in my head, I will miss your head locks & pats on the back. As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Orop Desert EA 1954-1955" by Schloss Tegal from the album "Oranur III: the 3rd report" 1994. Some good noise ambient.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kiss to the Brain...

So, here is another useless piece of info about my life. I have noticed lately that after I have some sort of weird dream that the one thing that has been remained constant after every one was the fact that something was pushing against bottom part of my head at the base of my skull, and that I tended to have the most vivid, interesting & sometimes FUXD up dreams.
So, as of late, I have been trying to self induce these dreams by falling asleep with my hand or pillow placed just under the curve of my head behind my left Ear.
So, I looked into it more deeply and found out that your brain activity, the part that is responsible for dreams is your Occipital Lobe , and it is here that dreams are made. Well, at least mine.
The Occipital Lobe, in short, has to do with your vision & hallucinations if any trauma were done to the area. What if this "trauma" were non-harmful? So, here. I give you this piece of poetry from my brain...
"Dreams induced for pleasure by pressure. Whether occipital serendipitous fantasies subsume purple waters & golden life or coital affirmations reassure a dull sunday for digital consumption, The spectral glow of your energy flow will always show as you hang still from the branches of Yggdrasil." - Spencer, Lonely Boy, Hudude Being, iSapien 1956672, SRCBypass.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Pretty Girls (slow)" by DMZ from the album "1976-'77 Demos & Live" 1991. Boston Pawnk Rawk, Dewd!
Here's another album by them.

Diss the Fish...

So, Repreword. I rep resentment, Pot leaves & Dollars signs BECH!!! Maybe the Effeminacy of your Fake Diamond earrings is Kewl as the cashier at Target, but to UR Boiz on the Downlow you are the Bees Knees, the fresh meat of a spring chicken. Kewt silver chain necklace from the $0.25 vending machine by the Exit. Have fun Blowin' trees while they Explora Ur Doora.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening To "Nixon & Reagan" by Noam Chomsky from the album "Case Studies In Hypocracy: U.S. Human Rights Policy"

Friday, May 22, 2009

Vans Shoes...

So, today there is a Vans demo at Wilson Skatepark in Chicago, IL. The Vans Driving the Business Tour 2009. Yeah, I know I'm posting a blog about the Demo on the day of the Demo, but also there is a Vans Demo Saturday in Roselle, IL. at the Skatepark out there. Different set of riders from Friday to Saturday. That should be cause enough to roll out. You can get an idea of the Roselle park from all of the Dry Bones videos that are out there. The last Dry Bones Nation video I posted was mostly at Roselle. It's the park where Steve from Yay! A Place For Boards does that bluntslide on the quarter pipe in the bank & KDawgKev38 does that tailslide kickflip out. As of the time of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Helicopters are Burning" by Drain from the album "Offspeed & In There" 1996. Drain is King Coffey from the Butthole Surfers , he has been their drummer since 1983.

Gumball - Super Tasty...

So, after doing the last post and the current song at the time being Accelerator Hell, it got me to thinking about this song by the band Gumball, the song is called Accelerator from the album Super Tasty released in 1993.
These guys opened up for Dinosaur jr. at the Riviera in Chicago, IL in 1993. Don Fleming was in this group, he has worked with J. Mascis from Dinosaur jr. on several projects.

If my Memory serves me right... Buzzov-en also opened that night as the first band. They were sooooo heavy, sooooo stoner, soooo metal. The guitarist was right in front of me (this was back before they had those huge barricades in front of the stage) as I was bellied up to the stage. I went to the show by myself & had the best time. I met a girl, she also came to the show by herself, she had never crowd surfed so she asked me to lift her up, I did and she was held up for about a minute until I caught her on the way down. Never got her number, forgot her name the next day.

The Show was April 10th, 1993. Buzzov-en was an experience, I was in awe of how low there instruments were, both in tuning & height from the floor. Gumball was so energetic & fun, I danced and smiled the who time with the lonely girl I had just met. Then Dinosuar Jr. starts their set, OMG the setlist was this: Quest, Budge, Little Fury Things, Raisans, Out There, Get Me, Start Choppin', Drawerings, The Wagon, Thumb, No Bones & Kracked.
Now... Tell me that isn't a jaw dropping show. So sweaty, so fun, so happy.

After the show, me and that girl stood in front of the Riviera, I ran into some old Rockford, IL skate buddies from Rotation Station (skatepark), Rob Lowden, Joe Black & Eric Flemming. After mingling for about 20 minutes I parted ways with the girl & the skate buddies and just drove home.
I may have gone to buy some music at Reckless Records, but I did that so often so who knows.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Cave In" by Straitjacket Fits from the album "Down In Splendour" 1990 on Flying Nun records ...(Bonus)...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Skate Dry Illinois Bones...

So, here is a sick video of some people, I have no clue who they are. I think I saw Ryan "punchy" Lay in there, faded. Marisa del Santo or something like that & maybe the Real Pat Franklin. I think this video is mostly the AZ DBN crew, what's a Milic? Yeah, he might be in here too. As the info says, it has some great skating & some weird music. Enjoy this post, the skating is kewt. Stay Dry. As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Acceleratør Hell" by Crunch-Ø-Matic from the album "Cautiøn Dø Nøt Play" 1991

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dry Bear Nation...

Dry Bones Nation Park pwn from Kevin erst on Vimeo.

So, Here is some great footy of the DBN crew (dry bones nation) with some players sporting the hot up & coming brand Buster Bear clothing. If you like Hot Goth chix that Smoke, Black Metal & Skate PWNage you better watch this latest edit from "The Nation". Stay Dry, Stay Fly this shit is in Full Effect and is All The Way Live. As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Turnpike USA" by Link Wray from the album "Mr. Guitar (disc 2)" 1995 or 2002 depending on where you look. Next time you see KDawgKev38 pat him on the back, his Computor almost had a Meltdown it was close to being the PC version of the 3 Mile Island accident.

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's your Deathday & we'll cry if we want to...

So, if you didn't know... Today would mark the death day of Ian Curtis from the band Joy Division fame & heartache. I just had a conversation today about how that shitty band Interchode was compared to them. EGGGGHHHHHT!!! Wrong!
That's like saying Slaughter sounds like Megadeth . Genesis P. Orridge of Throbbing Gristle & Psychic TV fame had this to say about the song I.C. Water, a song about his friend Ian. Honestly, I.C. Water has to be one of my favorite songs of every song I've heard, not just Psychic TV songs. He also wrote a song about Roman Polanski who was married to Sharon Tate who you might know from the Manson Family murders that took place in 1969.
If only the Beach Boys' Dennis Wilson hadn't rejected Charles Manson things would prolly be a little Different. Back to Ian, if you haven't seen the movie Control I would suggest you put in your Netflix rotation of To-Dos. That's all for today folks, I hope the Seven of you like had a great day in the beautiful weather, Tomorrow is posdabee even more nicer.

As of the time of the end of this post I am currently listening to "In A Lonely Place (detail)" by Joy Division from the album "Heart & Soul" 1997. A four disc set of the collected works & a book in honor of Ian.
On a different note, have you ever drank too many sugary liquids throughout the day & not enough water and then your Pee smells like Sugar Smacks cereal? Liars!


So, here is an Old Book from 1906 made into an online eBook, quite nice for a pleasant read on this 70℉ day in may. Stay inside, be afraid, don't get cancer, try not to contract Feline HIV. As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Water" by Dinosaur jr. from the album "Green Mind" 1991

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Duffs Shoes...

So, here is a kewl bit of computor image altering softwarez.
The kid is wearing Duffs shoes.
Speaking of "The Kid" Here's an ad with Jason Adams from ida-no what year.
Duffs shoes used to be pretty kewl.
They had this one model called "the mongoose" it was soooo rad that I bought three pair, two Brown one Blue.
Then something happened and it seemed loik they only had loik one style in loik seven dif color ways. WTFrick?

I just czeched and they are still in binniss, you can find them under this word here Duffs , yes that word back there.
BTW, Kevin Porter is supposed to have a pro BMX shoe coming out in early 2011, Later.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Victory Lane" by Komeda from the album "Kokomemedada" 2004

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cookies & Penguins...

So, Ever since February 1999, after having my teeth knocked out, I got in the habit of eating Oreos (or their off-brand competitors) with water. Some people might hear that and say Ewwwww. It's only water. I cut out drinking milk directly, but I haven't cut out eating food with it still in there. I also used to rip apart pieces of wheat bread put them roll them into balls, put them in my mouth and drink some water also. Wow, I just said I put balls in my mouth.

Anyway, I like saving money at times on food items that I feel are Waaaay too expensive, one of these items is Oreos. I was never a real big fan of Oreos to begin with, they just seemed too waxy & gritty. I have found that the Tuxedos from Safeway, or better known as Dominick's brand in Chicago, are the best for price & more importantly taste. It seem like they are always on sale or have a great deal, you can basically buy two Tuxedos or one Oreo. Simple Math. Something the teach you in 7th grade Home-Economics class in spotting the better buy. Another alternative is Target's Market Fresh "Cookies n Creme" cookie, these can go for about $1.75/box or on a good day they can be 2 for 1 which is always a good thing. I came across a site that set out to find the best oreo knock-offs for your buck, and taste buds. It turns out that the Tuxedos was #1.

The Tuxedos also come in different flavors like Mint Chip, Neapolitan, S'Mores, Chocolate Creme and the always favorite Double Filled Creme. You give a kid a S'Mores Tuxedo and they will be in heaven. I have turned co-workers and friends onto the Neapolitans & they are hooked. There is also a Tuxedos Ice Cream, which I have yet to try. No music listening post today, I am currently transferring files from my hard drive back onto a friend's hard drive. Fun!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

St. Charles, IL...

So, loik I'm at my mommy's house in STC, she asked me to come out while she gets a new Water Heater installed while she is at work. I mean honestly, since I'm still unemployed and it's raining, she really couldn't have picked a better day. I have no job to miss, I'm not missing any good Skateboard action because the parks out here aren't anything to miss. Plus, I'm a little on the sick side, some sort of weird mild throat/sinus thing. The sinuses aren't leaking or stuffed, it's just not normal. The throat is KNDA weird in a way that it just feels mildly toxic & needs hydration regularly. I'm taking some Cold-eeze & I ate a Banana just because it was there. Gunna finish watching Millionaire Matchmaker, Take a Shower and then maybe go to Yeah! Boardshop on my way home to feed my Cat, The Squishy. As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Compu Food" by Squarmeat from I don't know what album. I just got it from Thixxndixx or maybe their page. I DWLD'd it back on Wednesday July 19th, 2006

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sleeping seems to help....

So, have you ever wanted to sleep outside, the way the cool Chicago breeze just rolls over your face on a nice 70* day? Last week there were a few days that I just wanted to do just that. I wish I had a rooftop with private access with no fear of rodents, eating my toes. I remember as teeny boppers we would sleep on the top of my friends 8 foot halfpipe on such nights, as the ones I just suggested, out in St. Charles, IL. There was one time we slept on his roof outside of his window over the back door, it was maybe a 6 or 7 foot long roof with a slight tilt, we were in sleeping bags laying on our Backs looking at stars and moving things in space, I remember waking up at some point during the night and our Feet & Legs were dangling off the roof, there was a good foot after our Feet when we started, we slid down about 2-3 feet in the night. Pretty scary when you're trapped in a bag.

One time I was in Carbondale, IL and this girl had a small flat roof about 6 x 10 foot, it was so beautiful down there, I just fell a sleep for about 20 minutes. There was a huge pine tree next to the roof, what woke me up was the owl Whooing in the tree.

My most recent experience was October 2008 in the Arizona desert somewhere out by Goodyear, got two hours sleep, woke up got a beer & fell asleep again on the couch in the morning sun with a cool 7am desert breeze.

As of the time of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Bartender" by Gang Green from the album "I81B4U" 1988, Every song on this EP is a 5 star keeper. The title is a reference to Van Halen's album, OU812 released in the same year. I81B4U translates phonetically to "I Ate One Before You")

Monday, May 11, 2009


So, this is my Grandpa on my Father's side, my Dad's Dad. James Robert "Bob" Montgomery, nickname "Munch" origin of his nickname is unclear. Born December 13th, 1911 on the Lett family Homestead, south of Sandwich, Illinois. His Father, Ward Pease Montgomery, age 32. Mother: May Belle Fitzgerald Montgomery, age 30. (Ward Pease Montgomery was an talented musician and artist / illustrator).
1926-1928: Purchased first second-hand snare drum with $5.00 from paper route.
1928: Began playing dance jobs using his expanded drum set, added to during high school with money from the Fisher Bakery job in Aurora, IL.
1931: August, Contracted polio of the lower extremeties following a long hot day, having had a headache all day and playing a band job. Doctor Lindbergh, Osteopath, and his family aided him with fluids, fruit and massages. Recovered from polio enough to be able to walk independently and play drums - but never to run again.
October 22, 1932 his Band, The Fidgety Five, won first place in the district finals of the WLS Radio / Paramount Radio contest at the Paramount Theater in Aurora, IL, winning $75 and an opportunity to perform before a live audience on the air on November 20, 1932, at the WLS Radio Studios in Chicago, IL.
1932-1933: He and His Band played at small clubs like the Prima Gardens in and around the Fox River Valley, ala Geneva and Aurora, IL.
1935: November he Left Artie Collins' Band to play with Harold Menning's band.
In 1940 August 28 he Recorded on a Silvertone Label disc; "Exactly Like You" and "Medley: Whispering / On The Alamo / More Than You Know" with vocals by Bob on the Medley. The band he recorded with is unknown.
1941 in De Kalb, IL he went to work for Montgomery Ward's in DeKalb. He rented a room in the home of John and Martha McMenamin on Augusta Avenue. He befriended Victor McMenamin, son of John and Martha, and met one of Victor's sister, Barbara Jean. He would eat his evening meal at "Punk's Cabin", a tavern and eating establishment in downtown De Kalb. An evening meal at "The Cabin" cost $ .75 in 1941. Robert Married Barbara (my grandma, she turned 90 in October 2008) in 1943 while earning $35 a week. In 1946 my Dad was born. In 1978, March 12 My grandpa dies of prostate cancer, and is buried in St. Mary Cemetery, De Kalb, IL, on March 15. I was only 4 years old at the time, but I have some fond memories of BBQ's at the house in DeKalb, IL, laying on a blanket with him at a picnic beach party, playing with the drums in the basement & standing next to his hospital bed at the house. He was a great artist and I still have one of his piece from when he was in high school.

Sorry for the long boring post, I just came across the photo in my computer. Sorry to bore the Seven of you.

As of the time of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Weakness" by McRad from the "Public Domain" soundtrack 1988 (a skateboard video by Powell/Peralta)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I-Path Demoooooo...

So, this video is the Buster Bear/Dry Bones version of the I-Path/Hometown Heroes Demotest. K-Dawg Kev Pwnd the stair huck. People were mad cuz the wigger kid was doing "harder" tricks, but he only landed like 5 of them, one was a switch something but he fell out of it and still counted it. Kevin just landed the most tricks plain and simple and they were all kinda tough, he was also the only one to land multiple Hubba tricks, that wigger kid might be good at a perfect skatepark double set, but this is real life. I just hope he got that new Jay-Z album in time, hoving around the subbys.

As you can see, I took one of Gordon's daughters dancing. I like Guacamule as swell. I fell in love with my lost love again, Tech Decks. Such Luck Tim wasn't there which KNDA sucked, Pre Barney Matt Blevins kept his cool & looked it at the same time, All the reppers were out, Al from Character skateboards, Marfa from Wellborn Clothing , Alex from Buster Bear , Steve from Skate Illinois showed up later with Tim Ward and Tim Armour. There were bags of chips & half-eaten Burritos everywhere. I can't believe that people can be so disrespectful of my significant other that I'm a complicated relationship with on Facebook, Wilson Skatepark.

Brian, former owner of RQ skateshop in Naperville, IL was there, he KNDA promoted the shit out this thing, getting sponsors like Chipolte, Tech Deck, Affiliate Skateboards and a host of other too numerous to mention. It went off soooo hard, the weather cleared, the wind subsided, the Temperature dropped like a Muhh Fuhh, I made a new friend named Punchy who was born with the name Ryan Lay, he is an AZ DBN chapter member and he Raves, I made him an MP3 CD of 10 hours of Happy Hardcore/Rave music from 1993-2008. I hope he & Jaws are Psyched.

OMG that Ben Rayburn kid or whatever his name is, FRICK!!! sooooofickin' goood, he's loik 14-16 years young, Crailed loik half the deep end of the Wilson bowl, just str8 up PWND everything, did some sort of nosegrab 360℃ to fakie. He's looks loik a mini Jake Phelps, except with less SPI (spit per square inch). I, myself, repped my Yeah! A Place For Boards/Brimely collaboration shades, also repped Thrasher Magazine with my 90's zipper hoody & Vans Shoes with my Custom Dots Graphic Johnny Layton Purple Fades (sorry, good shoe, boring though, So, I spiced it) & my Vans Off The Wall Hat with custom Buster Bear art. Thanks to Jay Croft for the hat, He's KNDA the Vans midwest rep. He's from Ohio transplanted to Chicago For his wife's Schooling. Great guy all around. So, Paul [Van Doren], if you ever read this, wherever you are, he's doing his job.

I also handed out ALL of the Lowcard stickers, they were just laying there on the ground in a big pile spread out for people to take, but they were not being taken because all the kids were in the street course watching history unfold. So, I guess I KNDA repped them too, spreading the word of how "You can't polish a Turd". I'm a Subbie through & through though. I'm not black enough to Rep the Chi (pronounced Shy not Chee or Chai which is pronounced Ch-Eye not Kai). I don't be have the proper Chi push when I ride my board, making it look like you're pushing as hard as you can when you're just pushing like Kiko in that Lupe Fiasco video, (which, I guess there is some beef about that) So, Dave Thomas [rest your soul] I have found the Beef. Chi pushing is loik the equivalent of having a huge loud muffler on your rusted 1986 Honda Civic Hatchback. You're not going any faster just 'cuz your foot is stretched out as far as humanly possible and your arms are all monkey hung like a scarecrow.

I love this City & all the Bros I've met along the way, Jesse Neuhaus, Twins, Reggie, Biker Jose, Johnny Fonseca, Emfon, Tony the Juggler, Chris Forestine (spelling), Rutas, Meth, Salon John, Chris Quinn (pipes in front of your parents), Fat USA Kevin, KOOKalabro, Grumpy, Steve Dread, Turbo, Kalis, Hensley, Melcher/Marfa, Nate/Tony/Jub/Jason, Nate Lyons, Rob McBride, Sava/Paul, Wheaton Pussies other bros too, Thanks Metra . I don't have much that much free time. Well, possibly.

As of the time of the end of the post I am currently listening to "Psyde Line 10" by Flak from the DWLD'd mix "Psyde Line 10 (Disc2)" 2008. Some great Psychedelic Trance, some call it Goa, but there is a slight difference. I will take it all though. It's like Industrial & EBM, same but difernt. (Goa Trance & Psychedelic Techno)


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