Monday, November 22, 2010


So, I just had a fortune cookie, which isn't as good as a fortune nookie, which I've never had BTW, and this is waht it had to say:

"You are never selfish with you advice or your help."

Notice anything? No? Well it should read "...with YOUR advice..."
I guess those Orientals got the translation KNDA messed up and ish.
Anyway, I think it's a nice one.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Jeden Divan Dan (A Wonderful Day)" by Fire from the album "Could You Understand Me" released in 1973.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crusty Uprise...

So, on the way up to 4 Sleazons skatepark in Milwaukee, Wisconsin we cruz'd up on this car with the words "Crusty Uprise" on the back window.
Now, either there is going to be soem sort of Rising Up from the Crust punx in this country and they're gunna hop a freight train with their dehydrated dogs and over your scene OR soem of the dudes at Uprise skate shop in Chicago, IL aren't as fresh as you might think. I mean this car was on its way back up to Racine, WI.
Who knows? We might never know.
Maybe this is his statement against the Government or against the shop for not adhering to the dress code.
Politics are the saem everywhere.
The dudes at Uprise are dope as hell and so is the shop, if you're in the Chi (pronounced "Shy" not chee or chai which is pronounced ch-eye not k-eye) and need a new board, shoes or soem Nike shoes to stash and sell on Ebay later... This is your shop, they cater to all skaterz. Fresh & Crust alike

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Consequence" by Killer Buds vs. Cosmonet from the compilation album "Alien Paradise" released in 2005 on Fungi Records.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Wisdom Of Tea #8...

So, here we have another bit of teafull wisdom from Yogi Tea® by way of Peach Detox.

"May your light become a living universal light."

I take this meaning as saying, let yourself shine, making a difference and leading the way for others to follow.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Ping" by Quirk from the compilation album "Tantrance 6 (Disc 2)" released in 1998. Quirk is Mark Allen & Tim Healey

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcome To The World...

So, I don't know if you could tell from reading this blog, but I love the genre of music called Psychedelic Trance, otherwise known as psy-trance, and soemtimes written as psytrance.
The song above is from a 3xLP compilation I had bought back in 1997 called "Let It Rip" on Tsuyoshi Suzuki's record label, Matsuri Productions. This track's title is "Welcome To The World" from a group called ManMadeMan, comprised of the duo of Paul Baguley and Sonya Bailey.
I hope you enjoy the sound quality. I will never get sick of this track or the genre.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Washington" by Star Sounds Orchestra from the compilation "Goa-Head Vol.8 (Disc 1)" released in 1999.

SSO is Steve Schroyder and Jens Zygar, Steve used to play with Tangerine Dream in the 70's, the musical goal of the group is to write each song tuned to a planetary frequency. Before they became an Internationally regarded Goa Trance live act, for many years they were heading the New Age scene with intense Planetary tuned spherical ambient tunes. Based on the writings of Hans Cousto who wrote the book The Cosmic Octave.


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