Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vidiot pt.3 Chicago, 1997...

So, here's an old vid from 1997 of soem Chicago heads that are still pretty much in the game, if not running things in the city now, aka Uprise skateshop.
There is also soem footage from a small BBQ / tour stop for soem skate team that I remember going to at the Oscar Meyer school. It was around the 4th of July and I remember going with James Wilscke.

I forget waht team, but Dune and a Cardona (either Mike r.i.p. or Quim) where there. I do know that I still have soem photos from that dei, they aren't that great because the only camera that I had with me in the car was a "Sure Shot."
If you would like to see the pics, please leave a comment, and I will try to scan a few for a future post.

This video was originally Uploaded by  on Feb 13, 2012 to YouTube.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jeremy Wray - Second Hand Smoke...

so, this is still one of my favorite parts to watch from any skate video, and it's from 1995. Okay, well, this and Jeremy's part from The Revolution also.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wrex Cook: 64mm vlog #22...

So, this is a dewd I know fro mai annual trips to Arizona, he's been known to unconsciously mall grab on occasion, Wrex Cook.
(in association with

This video was originally Uploaded by on Jun 14, 2007 to YouTube.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Charlie Sheen's Video Message to President Obama...

So, just watch this.

Absorb: Karma Skateboards...

Karma/Absorb 35 from Dave Ackels on Vimeo.
Karma Tsocheff and friends!

So, here's another installment in the Absorb series by Ohio Dave. This one is a small montage video for Karma Skateboards.

Here's a small bio on Karma [the guy] from their Facebook page: "Owner Karma Tsocheff's early days were spent skating the streets and backyard pools of Visalia, CA. He turned pro for Dogtown when he was 17 years old and hasn't looked back since. After Dogtown, and an epic video with John Cardiel & Wade Speyer( that people still talk about), Karma rode for SMA with Alan Petersen.. and from there he helped start Consolidated Skateboards, with whom he will always be a part of...."

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mark Gonzales: Gonzo Goes to New York...

So, this lil video time machine is from the skate flick "Mondo Vision" which was released by Vision Street Wear in 1989.

This video was originally Uploaded by on Sep 9, 2007 to YouTube.

The Polar Skate Co. Promo...

So, I just saw this on the Facebook page of Concrete Wave Skateshop, they're located / based in Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.
Their contact email is 
and phone +49 0492213974669
The video is all in B&W, has just the right amount of artsyness without taking your stoke away from the skating, which, by the way is soem of the most  bestest skateboarding I've seen in soem time. So fast, real street spots, core street ethics, DIY ideals, and a love like no other.

These dewdz skate so friggin fast on soemof the gnarliest terrain. I may not know a lick of waht they're saying, but you don't need to.
That's one of the great things about skateboarding, it's like music. (and math)

Can I just say that the opening line, as well as others, from [waht's his name] is lightning quick with the musical selections to match perfectly. (except the rap track) <----- that's just me, though.
Joy Division, Devo, etc...

This video was originally Uploaded by  on Feb 22, 2012 to YouTube.
"Klez Motion Pictures International presents a promotional video for Polar Skate Co. Featuring the Polar team with friends. Stay Inspired."

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Funny Joke...

So, I just made this joke up todei, February 22nd, 2012:
What is favorite dessert among White Supremacists???

Ku Klux Flan...

Nanoparticles In Food, Vitamins Could Harm Human Health...

So, this is an interesting article about how Nanoparticles in food, vitamins could harm human health.
Nothing better than a few lax'd FDA guidelines to give me more styrene for breakfast and block my iron intake therefore making me anemic therefore making me spend more money on pharmecuticals.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lakai Footwear: Riley Hawk...

So, here's a vid of Tony's son, Riley Hawk, just absolutely fukkin killing it!!!
You can do all the manuals you want, but can you skate like this?

Neil Blender...

So, here's a rad video of one of the most influential skateboarders of mai generation, Neil Blender.
This ramp actually looks pretty sick, look at all those different extensions. Literally fun for everyone.
No moar words.
This video was Uploaded by  on Jun 22, 2010 to YouTube.
"Neil Blender is one of the true originals in skating. He invented the gay twist, Donner Party, and numerous others, and was always speaking in circles. "

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Absorb: Dusty Yauilla...

Dusty from Dave Ackels on Vimeo.

So, here's another video from Ohio Dave of this dewd Dusty Yauilla.
I got an instant stoke from the first trick, that Swinch 180 to [regs] 5-O. 

You Ever Do Hand Plants...?

You ever do hand plants? from Dave Ackels on Vimeo.

So, I first met dave around 1993 in beautiful St. Charles, IL 60174 at this really kewl, trendy coffeehouse, Coffeehouse Ghiberti.
Back then we just called him Ohio Dave, and he filmed my friend Sam skating all the time, even made him a short skate video with a Dinosaur jr. song.

It wasn't until recently last year, while looking at my friend Jay's FB page looking at his friends, that I saw the name Dave Ackels. Now Jay being from Ohio, I sent a message to Dave and kindly asked if he'd ever done time in STC, and did he ever go by "Ohio Dave."
The answer was yes, and he [sort of] remembered me.
Skateboarding is a small world.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Nebo...

So, here's a party prank that's fun for everyone, and also harmless... The Nebo.
Here's my shoes I wear at work, I stand them up when I leave.
One dei I noticed that I was giving maiself Nebos.
Moar like n00bo.

Rachel Reinhard...

So, this chick is pretty good.
One of the best things in this video is that she doesn't push Mongo when skating swinch, and that Back Disaster as her ender is pretty dang dope!!!
Waht is it with chick skaters and "the butt?"
Is it a center of gravity thing?
Why do most of them stick it out?
At any rate, I hope she keeps it up, loosens those trucks, and keeps PWNing.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Powell-Peralta: Double Rock...

So, here's a nice new lil video from Thrasher & Powell-Peralta... Double Rock.

Today's Time Capsule: Zodiac MindWarp - Holy Gasoline...

So, I really can't get enuff of this over-the-top sleaze rock...
The album "Tattooed Beat Messiah" has to be the pinnacle of the genre.
Just because I like the music so much, doesn't mean that I live the music.

Van Wastell Podcast...

So, I never really knew much about this dewd until he died. There were a few years that I never paid attention to skate magazines or videos, guess I missed out on this dewd in the process.
For a story on his Life & Death, here is but one article on it... 
This video was originally Uploaded by on Feb 24, 2008 to YouTube.

"This edit is also available as a podcast at so go get that shit! Van Wastell had his homie Mike Fox edit him a part for your viewing pleasure." - dlxsf

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wellborn Clothing & Character Skateboards: Shawn Turner...

Original Nollie Half Cab Tail Kickflip Fakie Out
Artsy Instagram Filter of the saem NHCTKFO
So, this is Shawn Turner doing the trick mention in the captions above during the Character Skatebards Demo @ Krush Skatepark on Sundei the 12th. 
Shawn rides for Wellborn Clothing, Character Skateboards, and Lakai Footwear.
I caught this pic at the perfect time of soembody else's flash as well.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...

Swallow your Pride, you'll be surprised.
So, todei is Valentine's Dei and y'all are either feeling really good or feeling pretty shitty and lonely.
Just remember that soembody you know, out there, is yours, you just have to open your heart, eyes, and mind to see.

Learn how to communicate before it ends up like this

Talking, honesty, trust, mutual respect, and genuine care for ones well being are key in  a healthy love life and the life long friendship that compliments it at every turn.
Here is a great list of things to do in order to maintain that endless journey of love, friendship, spontaneity, and warmth inside.
(I wish I read this years ago)
Enjoy this post everyone, and I hope you see waht's in front of you.
Have a fun and SAFE valentine's dei...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Character Skateboards: Julian Izagiurre...

So, this is Julain Izagiurre skating at the Character Skateboards / Wellborn Clothing demo @ Krush Skatepark on Sundei, February 12th, 2012.
It's KNDA funny that this was the 4th time that dei that I timed soembody else's flash perfectly and caught it with mai iPhone4.
Original shot of a Nollie Frontside Noseslide
Artsy Instagram Shot
Julian rides for Character Skateboards and Born & Hated clothing.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bugs Bunny: All This and Rabbit Stew...

So, this is just one of the many Bugs Bunny cartoons that I grew up watching as a kid.
I still think it's funny, you just have to look beyond any suggestions.
As a kid, I didn't know anything about racism, I just saw it as a lonely, down-on-his-luck hunter just trying to hunt & find a rabbit to feed himself, and quite possibly his family. All the while making him run around in circles w/hilarity and hijinks throughout. 
Whether the characters are lazy blacks, white bumbling oafs, or slant eyed AZNs leave it to Bugs to make a fool of them all equally, and that's really waht the stories are all about.
Hey, he even did the saem things to Daffy.
Li li li li li lighten up folks...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Blackened Catfish at Handlebar in Chicago...

Dinner last night at Handle Bar in Chicago, Illinois.

Blackened Catfish w/Garlic Mashed & Collard Greens
So, I had a wonderful Lonely Boy dinner at Handlebar in Chicago on Thursdei.
I always get the saem thing, usually get the saem beer to accompany it.
Most oftern it's a La Fin Du Monde or a Trois Pistoles.

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Poweredge Contest - Jorge Farah...

So, this is the 9th entry for week two of the Poweredge Magazine video contest.
You can also find them on Facebook.
This video was originally Uploaded by on Jan 29, 2012 to YouTube.


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