Saturday, December 27, 2008

owning a black man

so it finda be 54* outside and finda be raining, gotta go visit a friend now in town from Seattle. I think Turbo & I might go downtown to city hall in January to see if I can own him, we think it'd be okay since it would be his decision & choice in wanting to do so. Hopefully, after Obama gets iniggerated we can get his backing & blessing. plus then all those bums can get their 38 cents finally and stop asking me everyday.

Monday, December 22, 2008


ah yes, so it's -3* degrees outside, after i take the train downtown i have to walk to work. finda be colder than a muhhh, finda be bundlin' up'. straight up finda be's all around. nawm sain? does anybody read these? i know it's only the third one, i'm listening to this rad band "the pink fairies" from 1971.

Friday, December 19, 2008

finda be ragin'

okay, so here is a link to a live set by one of my favorite artists OOOD (out of our depth)
they offer it free on their facebook & myspace pages so i guess would it okay if a fan also sends a link to get them a possible new fan.
It may not be for everybody, it's psychedelic trance from the UK masters. Live @ Club V-SO, Martigny, 22nd Feb 2008.
scroll down.

racism is for racists

first post, are you fried yet? 


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