Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kirk & The Jerks...

So, after all these years (21 of them) I have finally found soem material from Lancaster, Pennsylvania's own Kirk & The Jerks that wasn't on the H-Street skate videos.

A few years ago I had found their Myspace page, and there was no option to download any of the songs, so like the crafty iSapien that I am, I grabbed mai mini-disc recorder, pressed record on the MD, pressed play on the Myspace player and I was the happiest little alien human hybrid there ever was when recording had ceased and I played it back.
At one point I was in contact with one of the old guitarists, and told him that I would put forth $100 of mai own dollars toward the production of a CD of their tunes.

Mai fave tune they had on the Myspace page was "Can't Wait For The Breakdown."
I used to play that song over and over and over and over andover. Now, here it is on this Demo tape that they prolly just passed out to friend or sold at shows.
Man, I wish I could have seen them B in the D.
Maybe they could play mai 40th birthdei (in four years)

So here it is for you at Mediafire or Rapidshare

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Side 1" by William Shatner from the album "Captain of the Starship" a spoken word album from 1978.

Monday, May 24, 2010


So, recently I got declined at the DMV for personal plates I wanted to get for mai sweet roid, hahaha yeah right, moar like this... but alas I was too late and soemone beat me to it.
I'm KNDA super bummed on this 'cuz it would have fit so well with mai SRC image that I try to portray.
On a gewd note though, mai friend Marfa of Wellborn Clothing was out at Menards® recently and found the dewd that beat me to it...
I just hope that he lives up to it as much as I would have.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Sunset Skyline" by Electric Universe from the "Sunglider EP" released in 1996 on Spirit Zone recordings out of Germany, later released on the album Stardiver in 1997 as an edited version. E.U. is a project of Boris Blenn's

Monday, May 17, 2010

H-Street Soundtrack, Thank Me Later...

So, In honour of the dewdz that went on the skate trip this WKND to get away, help Juan see his Grandaddy B4 he passed away, and of course the ender... Dio passed away as well.

We all had a GCF trip and a safe return, gained 8 pounds, and were surrounded by Coyotes @ 5am on Sundei.
Hahaha ROFLcopter, yeah right! Skanks... for reals tho, this type.
Lou shoulda had this cranked on his way Milwaukee to get things stoked, as if we weren't stoked already to skate soemthing dif.

This one goes out to ALL of you, and the ones we skated with along the way.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Witch Doctor" by Johnny Monster & The Nightmares from the "H-Street Special Edition Soundtrack" released in 1994.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


So, in the year 2007 mai friend & skate pal Lou Shields had an Art gallery/living space in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood called EXP Gallery. He's an art teacher/professor or soem ish like that, and he would host art shows there.
One such show that he would do a couple times a year was skateboard related, he would get all of his skate buds together for a skateboard related show, two such shows had the theme for skateboard art.

I had this old, blank uncut, deck that I had cut out and shaped after an old Todd Conngelliere deck, but the wheel base on the blank was shorter than the Todd so it just never worked well for skating. (the link under the name todd congelliere is a picture of a custom cut of the original deck I had got done by Factory 13 skateboards)

I had drawn this lil robot thing on the bottom and it sat in mai closet for prolly 3 years, once I got word of the art show I decided to pull it out and do soemthing with it, to give it life outside of stack of old deck art.
Taking apart an old Walkman, I used its parts for body parts. The spools were to become the chest plate, and the plate that covered that I used as the mask for the robot, it worked out perfectly that the holes on the plate matched perfectly to the eyes I gave the robot years earlier.
Most of the rest of the body was from an old cable box that was in the garbage that week, having used the buttons of the front control panel as the robot's joints and vertebrae, soem sort of part for the hips, and soem connectors for his axles.
An old set of headphones work nicely as accessories to the star things I had painted on, and a speaker from I forget waht as the Moon/Sun above. The actual piece of cable is to be his main power supply, if he were to be real.

All of this was mounted to the board and held together with Shoe Goo® for added flair to the whole skate theme.
I was/am very proud of waht I had made, the whole time making this pice I had to get in soem sort of mindset, or frame of mind (the same thing?), so I was listening to a group called Secret Side, I jhad gotten all of their tracks from a site called Beat Biz, which you have prolly seen mentioned on this blog before. If not, you can always click on the label for Beat Biz on the left hand side of this blog.
I hope you enjoy looking at this as much as I enjoyed making it.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Then She Did..." by Jane's Addiction from the album "Ritual de lo Habitual" released on August 21, 1990.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


So, I'm cruising around in mai A4 in the city of Chicago after the Hometown Heroes thingy over at Wilson Skatepark, just trying to kill soem time before I head on over to see The Bermondsey Joyriders at Rock Box.
Which when I was talking to Steve Godoy I was telling him that I had just made soem buttons for Danny over at Factory 13, and Steve says "oh, I'm wearing one" and pulls on his vest to show me the the F13 button I had just made weeks earlier. He and Danny are friends and band mates in band The Last of the Bad Men with Steve's twin brother Art, a cool guy named Justin, and Deniz Tek from Radio Birdman. I was shocked and honoured. Hopefully I can do buttons for the Joyriders soemdei.

Anyway, while I'm sitting in mai car getting mai iPod ready for brain stimulation and a nice walk, I see this car of Bros. Now get this, the plate actually says "BROZ 3" on it. Bros just cruzin' for chix in Lincoln Park on a Saturdei night...

Luckily I had mai trusty new cammy on hand to capture life's most random moments, it's like life is on shuffle and I'm the 4th generation click wheel with a monotone screen.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Absolute Power" by Gospel Of The Horns from the album "A Call To Arms" released in 2002.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Her most striking feature is her hair. You couldn't miss it if it were a mile away from where you were standing. It's like pure, glowing, fire surrounding her pale face. The fire hangs about shoulder length, and blows straight behind her as she walks. As the sunlight hits it, it glows with such force one could almost believe that it's battery operated.

As she turns to face me, I once again notice the pallor, almost bloodless, quality of her skin. She looks as though she's carved of pure ivory. The sunlight seems to reflect off of her skin. You'd think that it would blind anyone who would happen to look in her direction. The whiteness of the girl's skin did the exact opposite for me. It drew my eye to her, and held it there for a long while. She was so displaced from the crowd she was walking in. She appeared as a bright, glowing light in a sea of dark business suits, and briefcases. Her hair and face alone were what lent to this vision.

As she comes closer to me, my sense of vision is assaulted by the contrast of her red hair against the lime green sweater she has chosen to wear today. Once again, I catch a glimpse of the girl's pale skin, peeking out from beneath the cuffs of her tight blue jeans. Her stride are long, and powerful, portraying force and invincibility.

The girl looks particularly confident today. She seems aware of the fact that people's heads turn as she walks past them. She knows that people notice her when she walks down the street. Many people notice her elegant grace. Their reactions vary. Some seem to be attracted to her diversity, while others are apparently not. Even amongst the dirty looks, and stares that she receives, she radiates less defiance than one might expect.

I think she's noticed me staring at her, as she slowly is making her way towards where I am standing. We've made eye contact, and neither of us has pulled away. She obviously enjoys this relentless stare--down.

Her eyes are sharp, and I feel like they're stabbing me with their pointedness. There is also a softness in her eyes though. The softness is only revealed to people willing to probe deeper into the girl's possible thoughts. It's there for all to see, if they choose to look for it. I don't care how hard she glares at me, I'm not going to give in. My eyes are going to stay right where they are, planted on her.

Her eyes are defined by a single black line on her lower eye lid. The line continues, just slightly, past the corner of her eye, and then tapers to an elegant point. This must be what makes her eyes look so harsh. The girl's eye themselves though, are soft, and warm. They remind me of a doe's eyes, large and glassy, yet innocent and somewhat nervous. Even though her stare is still directed towards me, I can tell that she would be much more comfortable letting her eyes dart around, madly exploring everything around her.

She approaches, still coming closer to me. She's looked away now. She's stopped meeting my stare. I can almost feel her footsteps hitting the ground, as her petite form moves even closer to me. There's a heavy, yellow bag on her shoulder, which is weighing down her right side. It's obviously troublesome to carry, because she keeps moving it to different place on her shoulder, as if to find a spot that won't be so easily pained.

She's almost reached me. I can tell that the girl enjoys collecting, and displaying vintage jewelry, by the amount which adorns her body. Silver is her favorite. There is a large silver ring on one of her fingers. Around her slender neck are two necklaces. One hangs lower than the other. They are both silver. As her hair blows back away from the side of her face, earrings are revealed to me. They are silver hoops. I'm sure that somewhere, hidden beneath the long sleeves of her sweater, there are also her vintage bracelets.

She walks right past me. As if she didn't even see me standing there, waiting for her. I can't describe her smell, although it's very familiar to me. It's a combination of her softly applied perfume, and heavily scented shampoo. I'm lost in her scent, then as it softly fades away, following her, I realize once again that she just passed me by, without a glance. What was she thinking? Why did she do that? How could she just pass me by? I run to catch up to her, and when I get there, we begin a conversation, which lasts until we reach her apartment.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Didn't I Know You Once" by Surgery from the album "Shimmer" released in 1994


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