Saturday, March 13, 2010

Darn Grungy Kook...

So, lil Stevie Williams was in the Chi last night, (that's pronounced, shy, not chee or chai, which is pronounced CH-eye, not k-eye) at this clothing store called Jugrnaut (JGRNT) from 6-8pm, and in typical urban street time he was 2 hours late. Yup, he showed up at 8pm. I mean, c'mon dewd, really? You'd think you were Junebug or soemthing. (love the buggy, he's also notorious for being late) I was standing around with the CEO of Wellborn Clothing and Tony, the creative director. (who snapped the pic of mai BGP w/DGK)

Kids were waiting to show him their Breakdance moves, which were pretty stellar mind you. This one kid, who was prolly 8 or 10yrs. was just killing it with head spins & windmills into soem dope azz stop poses, the only thing wrong with the kids delivery was that he never entered any of his friends in, he just fixed his hat all kewl and walked away, talk about dissin' UR bros.

Anyway, he showed and everyone was happy, even lil Stevie. He might have been a lil overwhelmed with all the plugs people wanted him doing for their lil web shows and breakin' clubz, soem wigger dewd even asked lil Stevie if he could help him get his mixtape into Zumiez. Like nigga got that much pull. (do he?)
Lil Stevie was a total bro, and contrary to the Cori Doofell interview, lil Stevie was not a Nigger. He was very professional to all the kooks asking him dumb questions, even me, who had him sign a Dollar Dollar Bill Y'all...

For the record, Corie never actually called lil Stevie a nigger. He said "there was some trashy nigger with a gun... gold teeth like Stevie Williams." Am I the only one who reads it that way?
The only un-profesh thing he did was show up 2 hours late without calling any bros. Even I call if I'm running that late. (and I run late often)
THX lil Stevie for tha dolla sign, have fun in Tampa. Chicago loves you, come back and hang on the chill tip again. Wish I was out with you dewdz on Thursdei.
Mad luv to UR pop skillz, switch & regz. One of the best pro attitude I've ever come in contact with, up there with Daewon.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Solar Disruption" by Cozmographika from the compilation "35 Full Moons" released on Cosmogenesis Recordings in 2009.

Friday, March 12, 2010

This Means Soemthing...

So, the other dei I was czeching oat mai fabecook page and saw that I had 420 friends, WTFrick? I was all like holy ish, so rad!
One of those friends is a bro from Arizona, or AZ as the hip kids say, named Goch. He's got a Youtube channel called GochTV. It's got soem pretty funny azz ish on there.
Waht else have I been up to? Hmmmm well... I have been selling soem ish on ebay if'n you feel like czeching oat soem of that ish. I'm selling stuff like old GI Joes, Band shirts, CDs, Stickers, and basically all of the stuff that I've collected o'er the years and haven't used or worn in about 5-10 years.
Let's see waht else? Oh, I've been slacking on this blog. Oops, my bad.
until next time folx,
take care of your bad selves,

iSapien 1956672

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Create Your Own Hapiness" by X-Dream from the compilation album "1st Flight" released on Flying Rhino records (frying wino) in 1996.


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