Monday, November 30, 2009

Yeah Barney...

So, mai friend Steve has a shop called Yeah! Boradshop. I recently had the privilege of going in Three (3) days before the black friday and picking me up one of these fine Jerseys, The Invisible Barney.
This shirt is so nice and comfy I might have to go back and get a few moar. The Neck doesn't stretch out, or at least hasn't yet, and doesn't choke you either. One thing I look for in a T-shirt is if the collar stays put during its lifetime, not swimming around your neck or better yet squeezing on your esophagus making your feel like you have soemthing stuck in you throat.

Also, I picked me up another pair of the Vans "Chukka Low", I don't know waht it is about this shoe that makes me come back for moar every time. It's the only shoe I've skated all year and even the last half of last year. I think it has soemthing to do with the padded insole, it's just as thick and cushiony in the heel as the ones that come in the TNT II mids. No moar bruised heels or flattened arches from jumping or running out of failed attempts at landing difficult skateboard maneuvers.
Let's see, I had the Blue & Grey, the Mustard/Custard Yellow (which I did custom art on), the Black & Grey (also with custom art and glitter glue), and now the Olive Green on Green canvas/corduroy combo. (pictured above)
The only gripe I have with this shoe is that the side stitch comes down right across the joint of mai pinky toe. Usually I just wear the shoes for a week to stretch out the material as to not produce any blisters for post skating discomfort so I end up walking around like Fred Sanford.

As of the endof this post I am currently listening to "Jackal & Nine" by Anubian Lights from the album "Eternal Sky" released on July 13th, 1995 on Hypnotic Records.
Soem damn good Space Rock from members of Farflung, The Brain, Pressurehed and The Contortions.
You can search for any of these bands using the search engine to the left, results appear at the bottom of the page.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wellborn & Tha Hood...

So, the folks over at Wellborn Clothing have just added the new text logo zip hoodie to the clothing roster for the Fall line.
They are made with a "Soft Touch" Ink that you can hold against your face all dreamy like and smile with comfort.
The Zip front is perfect for Fall, by itself or underneath a wind breaker, for those brisk Autumn daze & nytes. If you are living in Chicago or the Mid-West, you're prolly familiar with the temps. You could also have it set-up as a liner for your winter jacket, staying snug and warm without feeling too bulky uncomfortable. Available for $23.99 from the Wellborn website.
While you're there you should czech out their two different styles of Beanies, available for $9.99, to keep your pretty head warm during those winter months of skating indoor ramps/facilities with little to no heat. (carwash ramp).
You could even try keeping your pants up with one of Wellborn's belts, available in Three (3) color ways for $11.99.

Wellborn Clothing is available for purchase online or at Uprise skateshop in Chicago, IL.
Tell them Spencer sent you.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Streams Of Heaven" by Smooth Genestar from the album "REM Phase" released in 2009 by Cyan Music.
Soem great great Downtempo/Chillout music much like the compilation "Highway & Landscape", if you're familiar with that.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Waht's In...

So, "waht's in a day but Mini-Spooners, Rain with a chance of Snow and left-over air for breathing.
Gladly becoming open with faults to propel forth angular rejections of night flights and left-over air for breathing.
To which do you belong in the micro jib let of soon-to-be-faded sunbeams only touching ground for just long enuff while your lids are shut during constant cold air blinks looking for left-over air for breathing.
Communal neglection and occidental reflections fill balloons of thought like gorillas flinging poop at a viewing window and drinking his own urine yearning for the taste of left-over air for breathing.
Manual retractions become more irrelevant to the outside viewing individuals peering towards an underestimated future constantly searching for left-over air for breathing.
Ham & Cheese on sweet bread with swiss cheese and pickles. Soem sort of delicacy or just soem ish slapped together for $6.50 while you gasp the left-over air for breathing?
Huffing exhaust for arousal and personal exploration can become a luxury in the midst of sentiment and hypo-analytical mumbo jumbo when all you want to do is take in waht remains of the left-over air for breathing." - Spencer Montgomery, 2009

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Now & Beyond" by Pigs In Space from the album of the saem name, "Pigs In Space" released in July 1998 on Phonokol Records out of Israel. Pigs In Space is none other than Ofer Dikovsky, who is better known for releasing material under the guise "Oforia"

The image is by Melanie Weidner 2005, "Deep Breath"

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wrongs & Rights 2...

So, I hope you liked the last blog of mine that contained the list of Common spelling Errors that soem, if not most, people have trouble with. Now I bring you the much anticipated list List of Rights. Does that sound too legal? The correct spellings are as follows.

a lot, all right, argument, athlete, beLIEve (easy way to remember), DEFINITEly, ENVIRONment, February, GOVERNment, HANDkerchief, height, JEWELry, knowLEDGE, misSPELL, necessary, NOTICEable, OCCURRed, PREscription, PRIVIlege, receive, recognize, SEPArate, SURprise, SUPPOSEDly, suppress, temperature, truly, villAIN.

There, I hope this will help you in writing better letters to the Editor at your local paper or TV station. Maybe, even for that new proposal for your quarterly raise in wages or that the company buy doughnuts for the office every Monday to help boost morale and lift spirits for the upcoming work week. At any rate, here's to better spelling and that your kids don't make you look bad when you help them with homework.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "X-Traction" by Ditheria from an unknown album, released in 2006. I downloaded three tracks by this artist on Thursday, July 20th, 2006.

It has been too long and I have no remembrance of where I downloaded this from, Google isn't coming up with anything relating to this artist or Psy-Trance. If you have any information or come up with any results on your own pertaining to this artist, please let me know in the comment section.

Thank you,
iSapien 1956672.

Wrongs & Rights 1...

So, even though I may use bad spelling on this Blog, FB and in mai TXTN, I truely think that soem people have no clue on waht is going on. (see latter examples)
Thus, I will be posting soem of the most common spelling errors we todei face in the digital age.
I will post the Wrongs first and then another Blog will have the Rights posted. Let's begin:
alot, alright, arguement, athelete, beleive, definately, enviroment, Febuary, goverment, hankerchief, heighth, jewlery, knowlege, mispell, neccsary, noticable, occured, perscription, privlege, probally, recieve, reckonize, roomate, seperate, supposably, suprise, surppress, temperture, truely, villian.

As you can see, soem of them are KNDA tricky, like Seperate (Separate) & Alright (All Right), but others are just plain ignorant, like Supposably (Supposedly) & Heighth (Height).

Stay Tuned for the next blog which will contain all of the Correct Spellings of the words above that you will need in your personal and professional lives. It may show the world that you are "smarder then you seam."

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Back To Trance" by Xtatic Shiva from the album "No Reason" released in 2006. I downloaded this from Beatbiz back on Monday, August 28th, 2006.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Win A Year Of Circa Shoes...

So, this Sunday, November 22nd at 4:00PM there will be C1RCA Skate Jam, not Demo. Because the flier reads, "come skate with C1RCA riders" which means it's a jam, you see, at a demo you are supposed to sit on the sidelines and watch the Pros & Sponsored Ams show you how to skate.

If you would like to go and enter to win a years worth of C1RCA shoes or just watch the mayhem, get yourself and soem of your friends up to Butler, WI. Cream City skatepark is located @ 5560 N. Park Dr. Butler, WI 53007.

The Flier has the wrong Zip code.
CORRECT 53007.
WRONG 537007.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Les Enfants" by The Young Gods from the album "L'Eau Rouge" released on Play It Again Sam records in 1989. L'Eau Rouge translates from French into english into Red Water.

Chump Changes...

So, I have a friend named Tim Ward and he has a Blog by the name of Chump Change Me (it's not what it looks like), the post below is of some crazy antics that he and his crew of friends at the Woodward skate camp facilities. Another friend of mine Bart Jones can be heard in the background with an "oh shit!"

This Post Took Forever

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Hurricane Ride" by Ram Jam from the album "Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram" released in 1978.

Imagine this picture, ur in ur Firebird haulin' ass with the T-Tops open, windows down on a sunny day doin' 60 mph down soem long stretch of back country blacktop, left hand on the top of the steering wheel the right is alternating from the shifter to this girls' knee with every pedal thrust, ur mirrored sunglasses reflecting the sun off the prism of colours on ur brushed instrument cluster, boogie shag blowin' in the wind.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Slower Traffic Keep Right for the Highway Star...

So, when you drive on the Highway there are soem things you might want to consider since you do not drive them all the time and other people drive on them for a living. Me, I have been driving on them since 1990.
Most of that time was spent driving on the highways to New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, and of course all over Illinois Tollway system.
 Along the way I learned way more than what they teach you in that pathetic Drivers Ed class. This is a Stop sign, that's the brake pedal, here's your license.
Some of these rules have long since back into the back seat. DO NOT sit in the left hand lane, Slower Traffic should Always keep Right. Even if you're doing 70 and a car comes up behind you, move over for them to pass.

You might see them give you another Rule of Thumb called "Flash to Pass." This doesn't mean that the person behind you has Road Rage it just means...
"excuse me, I am in the car behind you and since I am going faster than you, I was wondering if I may pass you and get to the gas pump at the next oasis for, not only do I need gas, I also have to go to the bathroom severely."
This means that if you are just sitting in the left lane listening to Jeff Buckley and soem vehicle is fast approaching from the rear and flashes lights at you they're not being dicks, YOU ARE.
Kindly put on your Right signal and move into the Right lane and turn off your Signal and wave as they go by. This will not only make their day, but also make you feel better as a person being the good samaritan making the roads friendlier in the process.

The Tractor/Trailer, Rig or Semi as it is widely known is pretty much the life blood of your lifestyle, be it that Hummer or BMW you drive, Doritos & Snapple you drink or the Nikes & Ed Hardy clothes you wear, they all get to their destinations and on to your body by way of the roads after they pick it up from the Docks after being made in Taiwan.
The people who drive these things are widely seen as pieces-of-shit-slack-jawed-hicks. They not only give you your vanity, but you spit on them while they try fulfill it.
If you are behind a Semi and he puts on his signal to get over DO NOT speed up to get in front of him. Instead flash your lights to let him know that it is clear for him to get over and pass the Mini-van that is slowing him down while he tries to deliver your Doritos to 7-11. When he gets over just sit back and listen to that new Kirk Hammet solo on the new Metallica album.
Now, when he gets in front of you he will let you know he is thankful by flipping his tralier lights off and on, or vice versa if in the daylight. Then as you both pass that slow Mini-van you can both flip it off.

Likewise, if you ever happen to be that slow Mini-van, due to your Mom holding the OS handle with white knuckles and telling you to drive 55, and the Semi is to approach you from behind in the Right lane, as he passes you and is ready to get over, when he puts on his right turn signal to warn you that he is now going to be in front of you, then you should kindly flash your lights to let him know that his trailer is clear of your car and he may now get over and you can Eat his Dust (Mud Flap slogan), he will then say Thank You by flashing his trailer lights. You will gain respect on the road from other truckers. You see, they have CB and talk to each other. If you're a Speeding Ass they will let others ahead know you are coming or if you are the slow car and do your part to let them know trailer clearance and passage they will most likely let others behind know about your kind ways despite your lack of speed.

If all else fails, Wave: If a car needs to get in for a Rush Hour merge and nobody is moving or going anywhere fast... let them in. If you need to get in, make eye contact and wave sincerely. It's the morning, everybody is pissed-off. Put a smile on a face then go back to listening to that droning & draining NPR.

If you are just Cruising along and there are only maybe 9 cars per mile you should still use the Slower Traffic Keep Right rule, which is clearly posted as a sign on the highway, Police that see you driving in the left lane will most likely automatically think that you are speeding, if you stay in the right lane until you need to pass the vehicle in front of you, the Police person will think you are just doing 5 mph over. Look here.

Merging: If you are in the right lane hauling-ass or just cruising 5 mph over and you see the merge sign for an On Ramp, put on your signal, make sure you are clear, and proceed into the left lane. This is especially kind if the merge is a Semi. Traffic will only run smoother if you follow these tips. If you are the Merging Car, as you advance to the highway you should gauge how fast the traffic going on the highway and match that. DO NOT just get on the highway at 55 or better yet 45. Do Not brake if you have traffic following you on the ramp, you will Piss them Off. Simply get behind a car at the same speed, if you do try to be a hero and get in front of a car, please make sure you are matching that speed.

You're a Danger to yourself and those around you. If traffic is doing 63 mph you should get up to 65 mph and merge.

Think of merging traffic as a Zipper, when you zip your coat you don't slow down and try to 3 teeth in between 1 tooth, they all go together at the same speed. Think about it.

No Pacing allowed on the road. (unless you are the state trooper) Let others by. You are the cause of Road Rage, people don't get in their cars looking to shoot somebody or force them off the road in a ball of flames.

Remember to always turn your lights on during Rainy Days, Grey Days and at Night. Somebody loves you and would like to seen you for dinner later.

Good Bye and 2 friendly beeps. Hope to see you on the road someday, flash you and wave back.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol, live @ Poplar Creek Music Theatre in Hoffman Estates, IL. back in 1984.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Enjoy The Scenery...

So, 2dei I leave for Arizona. fun fun fun, no commas. I'm all packed for the OMA 4th annual BBQ. The only thing I'm undecided on is which iPod to bring. Do I bring mai 4th generation 20GB clickwheel or mai 1GB shuffle that I can just snap on to mai necklace? The 1 GB will give me 11 hours of musical shuffle tunage whereas the 20GB will give me 2938 songs. Do I pick moar songs over compactibility?

I have mai Dry Bones Nation (DB Nation) shirt packed alone with mai two Buster Bear shirts "Lonely Boy" & "Cousin Of Death." The COD graphic was done by Scott "SAG Arthur Zone" Gall as part of the Buster Bear guest artist series called Buster Brothers.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Light Echoes" by Proton Kinoun from the album "Apeiron" released in 2009 on the label Omnitropic.
Soem Great true Ambient.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Steady Cam...

So, I found this video and it, in turn, was found by, and courtesy of, the No Comply News and it is sooooo guud that I just had to re-post for the rest of the world to see. Well, the rest of the world that looks at this blog anyway. Enjoy waht you see, just don't be fooled into going out and "loving it" and shrinking your balls with Dew from a Mountain.

I'm not sure if this is to supposed to signify soemthing about society and they made nice by the "happy meal" or waht. Michael Myers was about to kill Ronald and then they became friends because friends that SKTBRD do stupid shit together. Let's put our differences aside and eat meals that are happy.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "ISMS, Part 1" by Divinorum from the compilation "Psychoactive Scandosounds" released in 1998 on BooM! records.


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