Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ambivalence of Ambience...

So, I can't think of anything cool to post, but I don't want to leave the Seven of you hanging in wait, so...... here I present to you some Damn Good ambient music from Omicron the album is called "Acrocosm" from 1994 on Instinct records.
Omicron is Savvas Ysatis, he also worked under the name of SETI with Taylor Deupree who was a part of Human Mesh Dance & Prototype 909, also on Instinct. Well, I think Prototype 909 was on Sonic records, but the two labesl were kind of part of each other in some sort of way.
If you wanted to get good techno music in the early 90's, then these were two of the labels that you wanted to buy their complete catalog. Moby's first couple of works were on these labels and their compliations.

Okay so that's it for now, rain sucks, weather blows, I should ride my bike more, drink more Kefir, eat more yogurt with granola before I ride or skate, stop eating Chimichangas & Steak Tacos, but you will never get me to give up Pizza, not without a fight anyway.

As the of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Forgive me, Philip" by The Digital City from the "Digital City EP" 2008

Monday, April 27, 2009

30 in 2...

So, I went out and rode yesterday with my friend Stephanie, she had to go to her Mom's for some stuffs, her Mom lives by the Botanic Gardens up in like Glencoe, Il.
We had some food, you know, to Carbo-Load for our ride. I had some Cranberry juice and a Turkey sandwich on Honey Flax Wheat bread w/Lettuce & Swiss cheese, my mustard was just regs Grey Poupon™ or however you spell it.
Oh I did also have some Hummus on Naaaaaan. She was all worried about it raining so I went outside to see what all the fuss was about, I looked at the sky, read the Clouds and Wind and determined that if it was going to rain it would be soon and only for a short time, due to the Gray cloud being directly above us and White-ish cloud behind that in the direction of wind.
We go back inside and it starts raining for about maybe 5 minutes. We get on our bike about five minutes after that and it was already starting to dry, it was cool & humid. We got on the bike trail, there is this extensive system out there, and proceeded to ride for 2 hours.
Now, I have only rode once since last fall, so this was kinda getting in over my head. My cardio & muscles wern't up to code yet in my mind but, you kinda lose track of time when you're riding through the forest. It turns out that when we got back to her Mom's at the end of our ride, that she had set her Odometer and Clock on her bike.
We rode for 2 hours (1h 56m) and 30 miles (act. 28mi). I was so sore, well mostly just my thighs, we stopped at about 14 miles to stretch and lay on the concrete. When I put my back to the concrete it cracked the whole way down, felt sooo goooood. So we do some post ride carbs, cashews, macadamia nuts, Wheat Thins™ & hummus, and a Gatorade G2™.
Well, after we sit there snacking & watching the end of Snakes on a Plane on FX™ we get up to go put the bikes in the car.
My bike being a 1998 Cannondale, she has been with me 11 years now. She is graced with Skate Illinois & Such Luck stickers, as well as many other punk band stickers, she even wears an Hallucinogen sticker from 1998. Oh yeah, as I go to stand up my ankle joint is almost frozen, not cold but as in it feels fused together. The joys of past injuries & getting older.

As of the time of the ending of this post I am currently listening to "Devozione" by Ashes from the album "Corpus" 1996, some great Dub chillout music.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rain picks up an appetite for sunshine...

So, I wanted to go ride today, but then i saw it was prolly gunna rain allllllll day, I was thinking about it, and when I had a job and rode to work it was no problem if it rained because I had to ride in it.
Ever since I got laid off it has made me all picky about which days I ride. Too breezy, looks humid, looks like rain, friends want lunch, CD to import. The list goes on, it's like the book of excuses we almost made for Jackson Taylor because he wouldn't want to skate or more like, We wanted to go skate and he would come up with the funniest reasons why he didn't want to.
You have to admit, riding Beach cruisers to the rooftop of some bar or having a BBQ are some pretty damn good reasons not to go skate. I miss hanging with Jackson, we were close bros, then he moved away, then he moved back, then there was some weird circle of friends incest type of stuff going on, and well, we just lost touch. Dude is SRSLY one fukkin funny Muhh Fuhh.
I don't think he parties or skates as much as he used to but I bet he is no less of a good time to be around. This rainy day is for you Jackson. Thanks for all the free drinks you got us with your personality, wish we were still in touch.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "People In Church (Demo)" by the band Stations from the album "Way Hap: Ultimate Rarities" 1981 (or something). Stations was a local Chicago band that Steve Albini was in before they kicked him out (or so I understand) he then went to be waaaaay bigger than them with Big Black.

Great I rambled too damn long and now I am listening to "You're Gunna Miss Me" by Radio Birdman from the album "Radios Appear" 1978. Lucky Day... now the Seven of you now get two new artists to discover.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Words, As I See Them...

There's a hole in the sky where my Heart used to be, can it hear the moon as it appears with the departure of the Sun? Will this Son be seen as fear collects its Jun?
Wishes float West as the East catches the Star. Red tar, center far, please prevent me from who you are. Slit your throat, Fuck your life, Suicide hotline taken in Stride, Should we be the only ones to Survive tonight, Make it home safe & remember to Wipe. Blood red Comfy bed please don't let me Wake up Dead.
Four ibues for now, on the dot for every two, Save the Vics for something true, Me & You, something new, Open your door take a bow, Sew the seed for the Sow, watch it eat what we grew, Now on to the Cow.

As of the end of this post I am Currently listening to "The Fire Inside" by Bob Seger from the album "Greatest Hits" 1994

(soem lines of the writing above were written as early as 1993)

I Can't Drive 55, But I Sure As Hell Can Skate In It...

So, Today is earth day and quite nice outside also. I'm prolly gunna go to the bank, get a corfee, maybe a nibble of carbs for my skateboard rolling today, although the other day I tried to skate without stretching, and well, I kinda got fumbled up with my board & my feet falling onto my Tailbone onto the Truck of my board. Yowzah! that smarts! I think it was proll one of the loudest FUCK!!!!!'s I have ever said in my life. So, I'm taking Advil for the pain & swelling. Can't lay on my back when I sleep, can't slouch in a chair, if I do I have to cross a leg under me. Perfect posture just like mommy always said.

As of the end of this post I am currently Importing a Gang Green compilation that I made last year. basically everything from "Older...", "I81B4U" & "You Got It", bye bye readers.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh Rain, How I love Thee...

So, we all can agree that what a tease Mother Nature is. She basically shows us her boobs and then blue balls us for 4 days until we can get to taste her again. Or... for you girls that read this, Father Weather showed you his Hairless 6 Pack and then gives you blue ovaries for the next for day until you can get to feel him again. By the time of the end of this post I am currently listening to an episode of Roseanne, the episode where they are talking about possibly getting an abortion due to a vague phone call from the Doctor.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Guess It Must've Been Rainin'...

So, Yesterday was real fun, A nice wake up at 8:15am , a relaxing shower listening to The Infinity Project's - Mystical Experiences CD, made a pot of corfee and set out toward the skatepark. Sun, Skating, Bros, Pizza, more Skating. I think I got a little too much sun due to the cool breeze not letting you know that you're getting a tad too red. I would say I was prolly at the park from 10:30a-3:30p, left to have some Pizza, Cookies and a nice Pomegranate Red Tea w/Goji Berry, went back to the park to skate a little more (5:30p - 7:30p) Ended the day at Holiday Club with a nice BLT w/Chicken Wrap and a salad with a great dressing, a refreshing Newcastle (or four) was there to wash it all down. Now what to do today? Get a Corfee & sit under the I-90 underpass and watch skateboarders? Read a book? Post my resume yet again to another company? Research wholesale Psy-Trance records distributors? I wish I had a House with a screen porch, that would be perfect for these rainy days, just put a few loads of laundry in the wash and relax on the porch sipping tea or corfee listening to the birds in the woods, or if it were in the city, prolly fire trucks or something. The great thing about houses is that there is so much to do on rainy days like this, re-arrange furniture for a new look, dusting, vacuuming (I like vacuuming), doing dishes (I also like), laundry, posting vids on Fabecook & even posting silly blogs about rainy days and why you would like a house. Although I've never owned a house, I did however have a place all my own that was spotless, no Toaster Crumbs on the counter, no Grease spills on the stove, no Funky Stench coming from the Garbage or Fridge, no Ants, no roommates or neighbors to worry about hearing my Loud Guitar or Bumping Thumping music while I play Bedroom DJ, a deck to feed the Squirrels peanuts out of my hand & hear the Buses go by. Okay, so I think it's about time I end this and eat a slice of my Left Over B-Day cake with a cup of Corfee. By the time of the end of this post I am currently listening to "A Piece of Forgotten Song Drifting Across the Water (Haad Rin Sunrise Mix)" by Makyo from the album "Rasa Bhava" 1996

Friday, April 17, 2009

Do it already...

So, just pick up the phone, open your mouth and explain what's going on. Not only is Silence bliss, it can also be unfair.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Solar Son...

So, the sun is out, this will be quick, it's 60*+ out today, not gunna chance blowing it. Going to meet up with Marfa to hit some shitty suburb parks west of Chicago. Boo Yahh, New wheels, new Board, OJ 3's nigga!!!! Visit Wellborn Clothing for shirts, prizes, videos, info. later, yada yada yada i'm listening to, internet Psy-Trance & Goa 24/7.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Whether or Weather...

So, I think we can all agree that this is the only time when Rain & Skateboarding can and should go together. Rain Skates, LLC. wheels are a wheel company located in Alaska. Ketchikan, Alaska to be precise located at 433 Front St. 99901. They encourage that you "Drop In Anytime". So why don't you? They can be reached by Cell: (907) 617-2627 or by Fax: (907) 225-5980 or by the webnet on the intertrend @ rainskates dot com. Sorry, but since it's been shitty here in the Chi (pronounced Shy, not Chee or Ch-Eye) for three days now, I figured it's only fitting, like a good pair of socks. I tend to go get these soft black socks from Kohl's, not the "Gold Toe", but those are good also. Well, sorry folks, I just got a call from my Colored Friend Alex, the CEO of Buster Bear Clothing & the Author of the Get Pumped blog, to go meet him DWNTN, He don't be done got class until 1pm. So, I gotta go Czech my air presh in the tires & ride my bike DWNTN (25 minutes) as opposed to walking a Fixed Gear through Wicker Park so all your other gay boyfriends can Czech you out with your one leg rolled up like L.L. Cool J. in that show that used to be on UPN with Alfonzo Ribiero. By the time of the end of this post I am Currently listening to "Fun" by Tight from the "40 Full Moons" Compilation, which is a free DWNLD from I just got it this Morning.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Beastirthday...

So, this year My b-Day falls on Easter, which KNDA blows because I can't be in two places at once. I decided to go with Birthday. So I will be going to my Mommy's for a good B-day Din Din. Hammerz w/Scalloped Toes & Brussels like a Muhhh Fuhhh. Oh thank you dear piglet for giving your soul up to thee for appetite to beeee.

I Typed in Scalloped Potatoes & this is what came up. SRSLY? Spanking? WTF!!!

Brussel Yummerz... There is this place in the Chi (pronounced Shy not Chee or Ch-Eye) that serves a killer brussel, It's called "Feed". It's cash only and some Damn Good food, on the corner of California & Chicago Ave. next to the Continental (a bar).

Ok, So as you can see I will be eating today, There was talk of some sort of Lemon thing for dessert, drool drool drool.....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rαν∍ on Fu©₭ F∀¢Ξ

So, I don't know if you're into Happy Hardcore at all, but some of it is sooooo good and puts a smile on my face. One of these artists is DJ S3RL from Brisbane, Australia and he has remixed songs for some Emo or Emotronic type band called The Medic Droid, I don't know if the name is in homeage to the robot that helps luke out when he's floating in that liquid in Empire Strikes Back. That's the first thing that came into my mind though when I heard the name, of course growing up in the era of the Star Wars franchise, numbers IV, V, & VI that is, it is embedded in my memory 4 life.
Anyway DJ S3RL has some great songs, like "Dealer", Little Kandi Raver" & "Pretty Rave Girl" and of course the remix of "Fer Sure" by the Medic Droid. Myself & SAG Arthur Zone really like some of these DJ S3RL songs, the one good things about Kandi Rave girls is that B in the D they used to have their rainbow whale tails in full bloom for all the Speaker-Freakin'-K-Hole-Stuck-In-Kandi-Boy-Ravers to drool in their Vick's Vapo-masks or down the Lanyard of their Pacifier.
Me? well, I just liked the music while they all danced around twirling. Why is it that in most Happy Hardcore songs that there is most likely the use of the Halloween theme music on the piano/synth?

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to the "Raveutopia Mix" by Shade from the album "Raveutopia" 1996.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Buster Bear Clothing...

So, My Colored friend Alex "lefty" Cohen has started a T-Shirt company thing called Buster Bear Clothing. All of his shirts are one-of-a-kind, both in artistic Gesturality & quantity. If you've heard me refer to myself as "Lonely Boy" in the past it is due to the first line of Buster Bear that was made with Red shirts and a Magnum 44 marker, mine saying lonely boy at the bottom. They are Abstract to say the least. He listens to Jay-Z or Nas and puts paint to shirt, he KNDA has an idea in his head at the moment and expresses it in the form of vibrant color contrasts of paint & fabric. In the first picture you can see Alex, or Turbo as he likes to be called when referring to his art, in his natural state of being in four places at once trying to hold a conversation on the phone, trying to skate, trying to walk, trying to get Gestural. All the while being Abstract. The shirt he is wearing is from the "Turbo Collection" a first run of personal shirts he made for himself.
In the bottom pictutre is the art he does at home, they vary in size and format, some are made on 8x8 to 20x30 canvas some are made on pieces of wood and others, like his mask series, are made on old discarded eggs boxes from the supermarket. I have three of these masks from his first experiments, one says "Forgive" the other "ADHD" and #3 is a double mask, and most gestural, with a Wyte & Black face stating "KKK Slave, Civil War". I cherish this [piece] because it describes our friendship on so many levels. He runs the blog Get Pumped in his spare time between school, art & skateboarding to express his inner most feelings about life, racism & sexuality.
He Currently has them for sale at some shoppes, one skate shop in Bartlett, IL called Yay! A Place for Boards which you've seen in my previous posts and two in the city, but I only know the name of one so that's what the seven of you get, it is called Wolfbait & B-Girls and my friends Shirley & Jenny own it. It is a Shoppe showcasing the talents of local Chicago based Artists, Jewelers, Fashion Designers & Silk Screeners. Wolfbait is located in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood on the Circle. Support local artists & local businesses, support the little guy. Help someone out that is trying to make a name for themselves, if you support from the beginning you will be remembered in the end. These people do it for their personal passion, not just to make a buck.
At the time of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Splitting Sky" by Throbbing Gristle from the album "Now" 2004.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Colored Friend...

So, I'm friends with a Black 19 year old Boy. I know, I know, but it was bound to happen someday. I consider this Darky to be one of my closest friends. At the skatepark when everyone else is "playing skate" we are out there pushing the envelope by playing "True Nigger". You see with Alex, that's it's name, it's all good. That's what these people say, it means "fine and dandy" to us. While these kids at the park are "playing", we are "skating". We use the whole park to do our tricks.

We don't have a flip trick game to try and see who's penis is smaller, 'cuz well, it's black and "it" goes to the left. Oh & it's a Jew also. Screw the Bus, get on the Boat! When we play "True Nigger" we try to do weird tricks on difficult objects. Sometimes we play "True Playa". Sometimes it seems to get unfair because, it being Black, it has an extra calf muscle from all those Millennia of getting chased by Lions & Giraffes and shit. Oooh, I mentioned it's also Half-Black right? Well sometimes it will try to Jew you out of the bill if you take it out for food in public. This species is odd & hard to understand. That's why it made me an officer @ Buster Bear, I'm the Lonely Boy and together we wash the bad tastes of Racism away like a can of Grape soda or bottle of Ripple. I'm its daddy and it's my boi.
I even share Food with it and let it ride in the front seat. Racism is wrong! We believe you can be a Nigger no matter what color. It's wrong to segregate. Why should just one race or color have a certain name? It is just unfair, biased & elitist!

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Keg Kept A Flowing" by the Boneless Ones from the album "Thrasher Skate rock Vol. 3: Wild Riders of Boards" 1985.


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