Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Instagram: Rainy Art Photography...

Blame The Humans...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My First iMovie....

So, here's mai first iMovie, and moar importantly mai first video that I've ever made, EWER!
It's made using random video clips from mai iPhone4.
Now, seeing as I just got the phone at the end of August, I didn't realize that I had to rotate it when taking vids so it would be formatted to fit on a screen.
That's why it is so vertical with two huge black bars on either side. Sorry, n00b alert!

You may see Wellborn Clothing rider Shawn Turner with a cameo fakie wallride to regs, mai friend [Still Skatin'] Kevin with a mallgrab and soem bonelesses (sp?), random clips from North Coast Music Festival (NCMF), and, of course, me with the 360 slide, 360 shuv and soem slappies.
The track I used is "Consequently" by a band called Agitpop who put out "Stick It!" in 1989 on Twin Tone records.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Dead Tide" by Arch Rival from the compilation "Masters of Electronic Dance Music: 69 Rave Dance Hits" released in 2011.

I got this album off of iTunes for $9.99 - and yes, it does contain 69 tracks. That's arond 14¢/track.
It contains Psy-Trance, DarkPsy, Dubstep, Electro, Tech House, and Progressive Trance.
Even if you don't like some tracks it's still cheaper than buying ten tracks separately.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Boneless Ones: The Keg Kept A Flowin'...

So, this is soem real skate rock from when skate rock was real and skaters didn't have trainers.
I own this volume of skaterock on vinyl, the cover is die-cut to the shape of an early 80's pig-nose deck. The front is the bottom of the board, and the back is the griptape and bolts, with track info.

I absolutely LOVE the guitar solo on this song, if you didn't know, this is an altered cover version of the song "Train Kept A Rollin'."

Also, members of this band left and did a project called Hell's Kitchen.
Hell's Kitchen contained members The Boneless Ones, Fang and Verbal Abuse.
How's that for epic?

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Eggshell" by Autechre from the album "Incunabula" on Pandora radio, on mai custom channel called "Waveform Radio" after the record label from Sedona, Arizona... Waveform Records.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Alex Netzel #1...

The Original Netzel Nosegrind

The Manipped Instagram Pic
So, here's a dewd I've known for soem time now, Alex Netzel aka Mr. Netzxyzptlk. (after the Superman character Mr. Mxyzptlk)

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Ton Of Bricks" by Metal Church from the album "The Dark" released in 1986.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eric Sanchez...

The Original Photo

The Instagram Manipped Pic
So, here's a shot of Eric Sanchez sporting a textbook frontside slash grind on the miniramp at STC-1.
as you can see he's not taking a breather relaxing just balancing and sliding along on top of the coping.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Martians On Motorcycles" by Moonweed & Squid* from the compilation "Fill Your Head With Phantasm vol.3" released on Phantasm Records in 1996.

*Squid was a project of Tim Healey

Andrew Halley #2...

Andrew Halley - Front Slash Nose Fondle
So, here's a pic of skateboarding, and photo, enthusiast Andrew Halley.
Taken Wednesdei, September 21st, 2011 @ Mt. St. Mary's Skatepark in beautiful DWNTWN St. Charles, IL. 60174.
The top pic is the OG and the bottom is manipped in Instagram.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "146 Part 2" by Wicked Set on Triplag Radio.

Ben Krahn #1...

So, dunno if y'all ever heard of this dewd, but his name is Ben Krahn and he PWNS pretty much all skateable terrain in a way you would never even think to look at it.
Enjoy this vid while you can because he's about to *flatspot your brain.™

*Flatspot your brain™ is a trademark of SRC Bypass.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Logarithmic Arithmetics" by Stich Da Friends on Triplag Radio (99% Full Power Shamanic Psy) released on Dismal Patterns out of Germany.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wrex Cook and Erich Bambei

So, here's a video from Toast skateboards of mai friend Wrex Cook and this dewd Erich Bambei.
I dunno who Erich is, but he rages also. Most of these parks are in the south, I could pick out Kanis, and their DIY spot.
The Little Rock, AK park might be in there soemwhere, too.
Toast is a midwest skate company from central Indiana, FYI.
Also, czech oat the Trife Street blog, those guys keep it REAL real.

As of the end of this post  am currently listening to "Recovery Road (sample)" by Agitpop from the album "Stick It!" released on Twin Tone records in 1989.
I have had this on cassette since about 1991. I saw the CD used a few years ago at Zia's in Tempe, AZ, but failed to pick it up.
I just recently found it on iTunes.
Twin Tone will custom print a re-issue for you if you order it through them.

Skateboard Tricks You Can't Do...

So, just in case you think that jumping down stairs is nothing but filler, contains no substance to skateboarding, and is boring to watch. Here are 25 tricks for you to learn so you aren't a cookie cutter.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "80's Girl" by Descendents from the album "Enjoy" released in 1986.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

PWND Mallgrab...

So, here are just a few buttons I had made to promote this blog, want soem?
3 buttons + 1 Sticker = $3
Just click the donations tab on this page, enter $3 as your amount, and in the memo box enter your address.
Or send your mailing address in an email to sfmastrolab (at) gmail (dot) com

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Layout...

So, after much self debate,  decided to switch things up a bit and change the look of the blog.
I hope you enjoy it, and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Michael Chilla - Lofty Kickflip

Milking 9/11...

So, in a way, 9/11 was a good thing.
Hear me out. It's bringing friends together to have fun, cherish life, and share stories.
If we can't skate, the "terrorists" have won.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Harsh Barge...

So, I'm watching Divorce Court (I know, I know) and this dudes last name is Harshbarger! Hahaha 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Instagram: Slash Grind...

Artsy lapped over filtered Instagram pic (*Apollo) 
So, this is Kevin Campbell lapping over a sweet slash grind at Wilson Skatepark in Chicago on labor dei.

Slash Bail...

Slash Bail
So, waht you can't see in this pic is the clueless mexican kid on a bike that made him  bail this slash grind.

Instagram: Lou Shields...

Lou Shields grabbing the nose w/soem Instagram filtration
So, this is Lou Shields... educate yourself.
He does soem music also.

Instagram: Czech Back Smith...

Raw original photo...
Artsy Instagram filter manipulation...


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