Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wrex Cook and Erich Bambei

So, here's a video from Toast skateboards of mai friend Wrex Cook and this dewd Erich Bambei.
I dunno who Erich is, but he rages also. Most of these parks are in the south, I could pick out Kanis, and their DIY spot.
The Little Rock, AK park might be in there soemwhere, too.
Toast is a midwest skate company from central Indiana, FYI.
Also, czech oat the Trife Street blog, those guys keep it REAL real.

As of the end of this post  am currently listening to "Recovery Road (sample)" by Agitpop from the album "Stick It!" released on Twin Tone records in 1989.
I have had this on cassette since about 1991. I saw the CD used a few years ago at Zia's in Tempe, AZ, but failed to pick it up.
I just recently found it on iTunes.
Twin Tone will custom print a re-issue for you if you order it through them.

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