Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cut Me Soem Slack...

So, I think you've all noticed that mai blog had been slacking of late. I'm sorry, but I've been looking for a place to live and the pickins are slim in January, I mean who the fuck (also WTF) wants to move in January?
Anyhoo, I have been doing soem scans of old ish for mai FB photo albums, similar to the pic below. Just soem ish I've been drewing since I got a dope set of penz for Santa's Birthdei.

I promise to be moar frequent once the ish settles, been thinking of new trix for mai tip series for the Spring.
Should be all the way live.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Shadows & Flashes" by X.I.S. from the compilation "Forever Psychedelic" released in 1998 by Matsuri Productions, headed by Tsuyoshi Suzuki.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mai Santa...

So, here I sit alone waiting for Mylanta from Mai Santa, all those Xmas sweets and Xmas drinx that we consume to make ourselves complete to fill the void so deep during this season that 'tis to be obsolete.
White Xmas, Blue Xmas... Waht's the dif? Choose your own adventure, draw your own conclusion, pour your own drink, wipe your own tears. I miss mai Santa, I needed that Mylanta.

As of the end of this post I am currenlty listening to "Endless, Nameless" by Nirvana from the album "Nevermind Sessions" released in 1991. I think it's prolly a Bootleg, oh well. It still is KNDA kewl to listen to out of Justice For Kurt seeing as Courtney had him murdered.

Benn Lawn Tyme...

So, I realize that it's been soem time since I posted last. I hope you all had a great time partying on NYE and had a hard time waking up on January 1st. Mr. 2010 (above) had a great time eating snax and mixed drinx, Marfa was mai dezzy driver.
I know I have been KNDA blowing it lately, no, not that kind of blowing. Yah know? Just farting around, doing laundry, sitting at De•li•cious Cafe sipping coffee, reading, drawing and doing crossword puzzles oooh oooh oooh and also skating an indoor skate spot with no heat in the midst of a brutally cold winter thus far. (this link for the temp will change daily)
It wasn't so bad last year cold-wise, I would much rather have an ish lode of snow than temp in the single didgies where you can't even pump gas or get the keys to your house without going numb in the tip, Finger tip that is. The other tip just shrivels up like a turtle hiding from a pesky Coon, Raccoon that is.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Illusive World" by Elysium from the album "Monzoon" released in 1996 on YoYo Records out of Israel. Home to such acts as Infected Mushroom, Space Cat, Dark Soho, Oforia, Future Prophecy and the great Xerox.
This track originally appeared in 1995 on the album "Dance for the Celestial Beings" on Nova Zembla records.


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