Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Polar Skate Co. Promo...

So, I just saw this on the Facebook page of Concrete Wave Skateshop, they're located / based in Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany.
Their contact email is 
and phone +49 0492213974669
The video is all in B&W, has just the right amount of artsyness without taking your stoke away from the skating, which, by the way is soem of the most  bestest skateboarding I've seen in soem time. So fast, real street spots, core street ethics, DIY ideals, and a love like no other.

These dewdz skate so friggin fast on soemof the gnarliest terrain. I may not know a lick of waht they're saying, but you don't need to.
That's one of the great things about skateboarding, it's like music. (and math)

Can I just say that the opening line, as well as others, from [waht's his name] is lightning quick with the musical selections to match perfectly. (except the rap track) <----- that's just me, though.
Joy Division, Devo, etc...

This video was originally Uploaded by  on Feb 22, 2012 to YouTube.
"Klez Motion Pictures International presents a promotional video for Polar Skate Co. Featuring the Polar team with friends. Stay Inspired."

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  1. that opening spot with the forever 1/4 pipe looks fun as hell



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