Tuesday, January 20, 2009

White Meat Feast

So, it's like the 20th of January, 2009. I'm trying to find something beside coverage of the Inigge... i mean Inaugeration. Last i heard is that the announcer didn't say Barrik Obumma's middle name. Fucking white people, all PC & shit, not wanting to offend and/or send the wrong message or whatever other gay bullshit they talk all soft while doing. Hopefully it's take a Black (or half black, but no less of a) Man to get me a job. How am i supposed to Own the head of Get Pumped

if i don't have a job? As of now, from me being laid-off, he's the one owning me, I drive him around & he buys me lunch. We both feel weird about the whole thing. I these tuff tymes what can you do but try to make do with what you got. I'm grateful to a have a grateful black to look out for me for all the years i looked after him. Soon Alex... soon. Stay Black, Stay Oppressed. I'll be back on my feet again too convert you back to christianity.



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