Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wheels of Fire

So, here i do a not-so-barney trick. this one is actually kind of legit. As you may or may not know, Natas did this trick in 1988 out of a driveway and off of a fire hydrant into the street. I do it at Wilson Skatepark in beautiful Chicago, IL on the lakefront. Street Style is my thing, i may not be as good at it as i was back in 1992, but i can still get coping taps from Barneys & yeahs from Flatbellys. Keep your Metal up & your Rubber down. As of the time of this post ending I am currently listening to "Plurnstyle" by Ozric Tentacles from the album "Become the Other" 1995.


  1. actually, most flatbellies don't get the whole "yeah" part of 'props'. And- Flatbellies can't make noise in public - not cool. Most flatbellies, as i've come to know, give a regulatory 'two clap', a cope tap, or -if in the viscinity-a knucks.

  2. YEAH DAWG! flatbellies: roflcopter



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