Sunday, January 25, 2009


So, I went to Krush today and didn't get A.I.D.S. from skating the bowl, just skated the street course. It's sooo slippery because they never sweep.
I saw some shit go down today, Shirtless Mark did a mighty fine huge Melon grab over the hip in the Mini bowl, some yellow shirt guy from Michigan back 5-0'd up the escalator and around the corner, Jay O & Grumpy feeble fakied the vert wall, Nate Ling aired the vert wall Back & Frontside about a foot over the lip then tried going lein, didn't get over the lip on that, but was right at the coping, it was insane today. I re-laerned wallride nollie outs after not doing one for 10 yaers, and a Frontboard to fakie thingy on some curved rail to slant ramp contraption thingy.
From 9-Noon I never stopped, well once to drink more coffee to get my heart over-pumping. Soma always makes me feel good when I land something, he was getting some damn good pop shove-its today, so I'm a witness if you don't believe him when he tells you about it. Some girl about 10 years old was doing proper 180 ollies of a 4 foot drop, better than the boiz.
This video, right under here is of krush, but not of today's session. just to give you a visual the the places described herein.

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