Thursday, January 29, 2009

Racial Appetite for Dark Chocolate

So, here is a picture of that Darky & I that I keep talking about that is supporting me in my economical down times. Do you see how grateful he is to have me? Do you see how grateful I am to let him kiss the top of my head, Do you see how we ARE racism, Do you see how we ARE reality, Do you see how we PROVE that being open, free & fun should not be confused with having your own disease, having an extra calf muscle or being superior at all sports. (winter sports do not apply because black peoples hates winter).
We both just want things to go back to the way they were, there's too much to live up to now. It's sooooo stressful. Have we not grown as a people, as a nation, a "land of the free" where we can still have our food cooked for us and our lawns mowed for us without any negative connotations of color. You do the chores and I'll put a roof over your head. Oh, but I see the difference... unless you are not biologically, religiously or sexually bound, it is a bad thing, a frowned upon act, dare I say it? SLAVERY!!!
It's so confusing being white. I can't Imagine what it must be like over at Get Pumped

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