Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So, to be a Barney you have to have some barney tricks under your belt, which is usually under your beer belly, or up your sleeve. Here I do a 540* twirl with a 360* hat spin the opposite way, from around August 2006. This type of shit gets the other Barneys so stoked during a session usually resulting in coping taps with the tail of the their boards.
I am kinda slacking, though, on my quiver of shred sleds & liquor store runners. My quiver is in the form of old skate shoes that are still wearable, just un-skateable. You know, like if you just wanna go to the Bar and chill with your Barney beer of choice, which is, depending on locale, PBR, Old Style, Schlitz (with a kiss of hops) or Newcaslte (to make you look Hip, but not too hip, just in the know & not too fancy).
One other key to being a Barney is that you must always know beforehand where the nearest bar is for after the Session so you can tell fisherman tales of your journeys. Bar? Barney? see the correlation?

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