Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sk8n 'n the Wintre.

So, like living in Chicago is great and all, but this winter has been the most brutal that i can remember in the 9 year of actually living in the city. I come from a "burb" 36 miles west of the city, some of you might say that "that's too far to be a 'burb bro", but when i moved there in '85 our area code was 312 and that's where the commuter train's last stop was.
Back to the point of this blog, are there any points ever? The temp has been so steady of singles and negatives that when it gets to 36* you feel like wearing a wind break or a T-shirt (buster bear preferably). Like Thursday, I got my car washed during 36* weather, felt nice. Friday was a little colder, but then drops 30* in four hours. Being a skateboarder anything indoor is a blessing during the winter, regardless of heat or not, as long as it's enclosed. We have a small warehouse, by we I mean some friends of mine, that gets pretty fucking cold. But... if you get four dudes in there having a full-on session it is pretty bearable. mini-ramp, small street course with a Quarter Pike and a bank ramp with a parking block on top and a gay flat bar that fags pull out during a session of like 20 dudes. so lame. With the right people there it is a blast. not much, but it's "free" and the closest alternative. It sure beats Fingerboarding.

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