Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spencer's Barney Playground

Spencer - ridiculous down birthday cake trick tip - SuchLuck.com from Such Luck on Vimeo.
So, Like a month ago or something we were at "the Carwash" and decided on a whim to do the next in the series of Trick Tips for Such Luck since it's been some time between the last one. Here I do some Cheapo Tail-Block Leg Kick to SAG Arthur Zone's butt. It gets cold in The Chi, rep the chi rep rep the chi, and when it gets cold sometimes you get bored and kinda on the Neural Glitch. Things like this are sure to come about. Half-Cab heels are a must to learn any trick, all the components for every other trick are there in that One Trick. It's truly one of the wonders of the skate world. I think it was prolly about 13* or less on this day, in a concrete & brick facility with no heat. Well, one space heater in the corner to sit next to once in a while. (is it A While or Awhile? I always forget in what context in which to use the right one). Anyway, enjoi the new post and don't forget to Czech out the other videos @ Such Luck. By the time of the Ending of this post I am Currently listening to "Private Room" by Steel Fury from the album "Lesser Of Two Evils" 1989.

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  1. i can't wait until i finally have heard of one of these bands you are 'currently' listening to. then i will have finally arrived.



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