Sunday, February 1, 2009

To Hell in a Hand Basket (ball) & back... in Black.

So, Alex over at Get Pumped

just told me today that Obama was going to be putting a basketball court in the white house. I was all like "R U 4 SRSLY?". All this time I was defending this guy hoping he wouldn't be the stereotype, not like Pioneer or Sony, they are stereo types, not stereotypes, you see, there is a space BTWN the one letting you know that it is a type of something, the other has no space. Anyway, I was saying, "you just don't know the guy, he's done good for Chicago communities" yah know support the the little hometown hero, not the skateboard contest series by RQ aka: Nor ILL, but the politician. That word has such a negative overtone. What the hell is the DIF BTWN an Over & an Undertone? Can you be Underneath an Overtone, like The Infinity Project song? How come you can't be Overneath something? Does neath imply under something? If so, wouldn't Underneath be redundant? I shoulda went to Blue Island tonight, it's now 12:34am how nice and remedial. It just takes a 1/2 hour to get down there at least. Sooooo bored, and lame for not going sooner. Prolly coulda been doing some Steve-O shots to some old Soul & Ska music. Real Ska, not that Mustard Plug or Skankin' Pickle shit.

"Fo' Sho! I be done be do loves me some bloggins!!!"

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