Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some Really Care?

So, many of you that I have come into contact with outside of the Cyber World have been asking "what the hell does SRC stand for?" Well, honestly? It means nothing. You see, when I bought my first computer with my own money by myself waaaaaay back in 1998, I signed up for AOL (america online) and set up my YIM (yahoo instant messenger). Well, YIM I set up in 1999 and for that I made up Earwax666 & Hudude Being. Now Back to SRC, AOL let you set up like 5 screen names one of which I made up was Demonaltry, a play on the word Demonolatry.
Demonolatry is a religion of the Self. [Meaning you do Self work to better yourselves.] It is about discovering the personal divine power within yourself and living within the natural balance of the energies surrounding you [the Universe]. It is also about Self-Responsibility and inner peace. Demons, to some, are simply focal points of single pure energies. To others they are real entities with personalities and individual consciousness. Each of the Demons is the embodiment of an emotion, an element, or an idea. Some people believe these energies are sentient (real deities), while others believe they are simply natural forces without consciousness. I know this certainly sounds as Wiccan as it gets, but it really isn't. There are many differences including the base Hermetic foundation of this religion, and they have different Pantheons/Gods. Their Gods are Demons [Divine Intelligences Replete with Wisdom] because they represent misunderstood or clandestine parts of the world around us. Many Demons were merely Gods of pre-Christian pagan religions. There are Demons for love and healing just as sure as there are Demons for anger and destruction. There is a natural balance to this religion [Hermetic]. For every Demon there is an equal and opposite Demon. There are also those Demons on the subtle in-between of the two. Within this religious philosophy, everything, every situation, and everyone has this balance. Therefore, they see the world in many subtle shades of gray and consider themselves the physical manifestations of the divine. Demonolatry does include Self-Worship.

To which this I believe to an extent, which extent? I won't say. Let's just say, Self-Worship. I have never in my life bought into the concept of some Hoser up in the sky walking on clouds and all the bullshit. Back to SRC.
Another screen name I came up with was SRC Bypass, a name that I just thought sounded cool. It wasn't until later when I started stealing web code, out of the "view source" window option, that I saw that SRC stood for "source". At that point I thought "cool, it means something, kinda". At the time that I came up with it, I had no clue, it was just sounding real neat. Also, for those of you that remember early AOL will remember that they had a section for you to give some info about yourself and the computer you were on, available to other AOLers you chatted with. So, every answer I gave had an acronym with SRC. For instance, when it asked what kind of computer I had, I put Super Rad Computer and so on and so forth. In 2004 I came up with iSapien because everyone around me had iPods except me and with a little inspiration from that Shitty movie with Will Prince, iRobot. The 1956672 is my assigned Myspace number, so naturally iSapien1956672 just made sense to me, an intelligent Alien-Human hybrid model number 1956672, a Hudude Being. The tiles were all laid in place, and now here we stand, scratching our chins at the stuff that comes out of my mouth & mind. By the end of this Blog I am currently listening to "Technopolis" by Yellow Magic Orchestra from the album "Solid State Survivor" 1979.

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