Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Facespace and Life

Here we have my list for your enjoyment, past, present & future. Well, the future will come by the time you got here to read this. It hasn't happened yet for me at the time of writing this. Hello, welcome to the future.

Out of the 7 cars I've owned, 6 were Audis. 1984 4000S (90-95), 1990 90S (95-97), 1984 4000S (1995), 1996 A4 (97-99), 1991 Volkswagon Passat (98-00), 1993 90 (00-05), 1999 A4 (05- present)

I have been skateboarding since 6th grade (1986) and only stopped for a year (92-93) for surgical reasons, which kinda sucked because 1992 was the turning point in the evolution of tricks in skateboarding. I missed out on so much.

I used to own my own company for 5 years (98-03). It was an online Psychedelic Trance mail-order company. If I wear headphones when I skate, it is all I listen to, total Eargasm.

I was in an Industrial band for 5 years (98-03) playing Guitar & Synthesizers. They are called Cruciform Injection, I recorded 3 albums with them, we traveled a bit mostly mid-west, New York & Canada.

I am most comfortable driving at 80MPH on the highway with the no music or if I do have music, I am prolly cranking Psychedelic Trance.

My brother died at 21 when I was 16 and I didn't really start feeling the effects or affects of it until I was 25. I started realizing that I would never have a niece or nephew, never be an uncle, when my parents kick-it, I will have no brother's house to go to on the holidays. It started being a real bummer that I get emotional when I see my friends and their siblings getting along and laughing. It really bums me out.

I found myself in 1987. That is why people always say I haven't changed one bit.

I never chased girls as a kid, didn't see the point. Never laughed when I heard the word fart, it's just like coughing or burping. Never laughed when a teacher would talk about sexual reproductive organs or child birth. When the rest of the class was giggling I was getting annoyed. Yes, and they were still giggling in College.

I have worn a 10.5 shoe & had 36" waist for the past 21 years. Although I can wear 34" now, I still buy 36" for comfort. Damn vanity styles.

I was never in search of the eternal party or even just the party. I have also never "partied"

I have over 15 pairs of shoes, over 3600 CDs, over 300 vinyl, over 500 cassettes & over $20,000 in musical equipment.

Never Smoked Cigarettes, never done Psychedelics (well 'shrooms twice, does that count?).

I have never taken out my earrings since 1996.

I have prolly the best memory & eyesight of anyone you know, if not pretty damn close.

People are surprised at how good I am with kids, and as soon as they start making a big fuss and scene about it saying "OMG! I had no idea you were so good with kids!", "he really likes you, look at him smile" It bums me out, I stop & go watch TV or get a Snack or a Drink and leave the room.

I have an ability to interact pets, without words, that are, as I am told, otherwise not good with people, new people or men. One case in particular had to do with a dog that was half Wolf and never let anyone close to it or pet it. I was able to do both and get in its pen and play with it, the owners told me she never let's anyone even approach her.

I still cry when I watch Fox & the Hound.

Out of all the people I'm still friends with and talk to I have known Jennifer Van Bergen Bereta the longest. 1985-Present.

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  1. this was probly the most intresting thing I've read on the internet. I really didnt (still dont) kno anything about you at all.



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