Sunday, February 8, 2009

I like good skaters

So, I've come to the conclusion that I like good skaterz over bad skaterz. Some of the gooder skaterz that are good and I consider good are Andy Selsonblue, Alex Vanillasaur, Tony Labradore, Jesse Newhome, Steve Davenger, Zone Gall, Steve Purdude, Bens Myth, Jeremiah's Myth, John's Share@, Mr. Fau Fau, Erst Boiz 2 & 3, Buster Cohen & June Bug. These guys aren't fresh, they don't wear flat bills, well, June Bug might, but he's Puerto Rican.

They don't care which way their wheels are facing when they put them on, their grip tape is on straight, not strategically placed off-set, they get their shoes & clothes dirty and don't care, because they know how to use a washing machine. When they jump out of a trick they don't have that "wigger bounce". I mean nothing against black skaters, because I've never seen a black skaters bounce like that running out of a trick. (Shelley, the Twins, Antonio, Emfon, Demian, Gershon, Ron Chapman, Sheffey). It's something of a mystery, kinda like that wigger-stache, like a dead caterpillar on the top lip.
Granted almost everyone done be do got a shoestring 4 a belt these days. Just like in the movie White Men Can't Jump, "You'd rather look good and lose than look bad and win." Although I don't know if this constitutes as looking good, rather than just some punk-ass wack MC.
That might be a hard look up there in Highland Park, but to the rest of the world you're a fool. KRS-1 would have a field day. Oh and by the way the whole rattling license plate thing is also part of the "Downlow".
FUCK! I could go on for daaaaaaze, buddy ass finda bees done be go do.

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