Friday, February 13, 2009

Third Reich's a charm...

So, For years I have always wondered & hated the fact that cool white kids, who think they're hip, wear this fuck face's well... face, on shirts. I remember the first time I had the Idea to put his face on a shirt, around 2000, with just the words "FUCK CHE" below it. I mean they put this Mass-Murdering asshole on T-Shirts and the Big Screen everywhere. What the fuck did he ever do? Hell, I don't even know, on scholarly levels that is, the extent of what he did. I did however learn in school & college about this piece of shit & some history shows. He murdered Men, Women & Children in Communism's name, then Castro told him to go get Fucked, then after he got Blown the CIA had a Kegger. What the fuck did he do to become a fucking Cultural icon? Go over to Myopic Books and read some books on real history, not the Fag Bukowski or the witty insight of David Sedaris and how he sings commercials doing his best Billie Holiday routine. Or you know what, you could just keep watching Fox News, Bad Girls Club & TMZ.

It's kinda like the trend in Japan a few years ago, because AZNs are Süper Über Trendy, where it was cool to dress up in Nazi "SS" gear & Uniforms, they had stores filled with almost every article of clothing adorned with a cute little Swastika. Which by itself and turned to the left is no worse than a Yin-Yang. This is from a news archive - {Uniforms and other imagery related to Nazi Germany have been on sale in East-Asia, where some considered it cool. Hong Kong and Japan have each witnessed a growth in the casual wearing of SS-uniforms, as well as increased interest in the music-genre known as Rock Against Communism. Sometimes in east Asia, Nazi uniforms are used as part of cosplay. In South-Korea, an area generally isolated from Nazi cultural influences during the Nazi era, TIME Magazine observed in 2000 "an unthinking fascination with the icons and imagery of the Third Reich."}

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  1. that was fuckin hilarious with the japanese swastika thing hahahaha



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