Friday, April 27, 2012

Today's Time Capsule: Six Finger Satellite - Laughing Larry...

So, back in 1993 I used to listed to this cassette ALLLLLL the time. It was released on Sub Pop records, and I was KNDA like a Sub Pop freak back then, buying most of the catalog. This pretty much never left mai car for about a year. Maybe I should go back and revisit this recording.

I did have the pleasure of seeing these guys live in Chicago back in 1994 at the Logan Square Auditorium. They played with Shellac and soem other bands, I don't remember. That is, until I searched and found this archived article on the Chicago Reader website.
I do remember it was during the baseball strike because all the bands had baseball uniforms made with their band names on the front, last names on the back. At the merch table there were baseballs for sale that were signed by all the bands.
I wonder how much they are going for now?

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