Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today's Time Capsule: Nomeansno - All Lies...

So, this album by NOMEANSNO was the first CD that I ever bought. The year was 1989 (14, Freshman), and I was shopping at the local Camelot Music in the [original] St. Charles Mall in beautiful St. Charles, IL. 60174.
I remember just browsing the "alternative" section looking for soemthing cool.
(this was back before Alternative became a music genre [like indie], but rather a section of music that couldn't be quite classified. For example: You'd have Butthole Surfers next to Circle Jerks next to Fad Gadget next to Psychic TV next to Renegade Soundwave and anything else punk/post punk/experimental...)

One thing about this dei that I'll never forget was that while I was looking around, this dude/friend [Tim Gallagher] in the same class as me walked in with this kid Eric Doherty and we started chatting doing small talk.

Tim-   "What's up? You know Eric?"
Me-    "Nothing, yeah, we've met before."
Tim-   "Cool, waht'ya doing?"
Me-    "Looking for new music, thinking about getting a CD."
Tim-   "Cool, which one?"
Me-    "Dunno, I was looking at these, but don't know whether to get this album (forgot the other band) or this NOMEANSNO album."
Tim-   "Dude, get the NOMEANSNO! You heard these guys?"
Me-    "No, but I've always seen their shit in the Alternative Tentacles catalogs, but never knew waht they sounded like"
Tim-   "Yeah, dude, get this, you'll love these guys."
Me-    "Cool, thanks. See yah later."

Sadly, that's one of the last things I remember about him. His parents enrolled him into a military school later that year and he committed suicide while there.
As long as I listen to NOMEANSNO and especially whenever I listen to "Wrong" I'll always remember the short friendship, punk bond we created that one year.

Thank you, Tim for the great recommendation. I still have it, and it still has no scratches.

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