Friday, April 13, 2012

Barrier Kult: Timebomb File Episode 4...

So, if you like the Skateboarding, the Devil, and the Jersey Barrier you should check out this video of insane-concrete-metal-murder-ski-mask-madness.
This KNDA reminds me of the Liver Diet imagery.

From the Concrete Skateboarding website:
"Throughout 2011 and into early 2012 we collaborated with notorious abrupt transition worshippers, the BARRIER KULT, producing 6 sinister Range Of Propaganda chapters, each profiling high ranking Kultists. MUSKELLUNGE OF DARK ISLAND, CRUSADE TEMPLAR HORSE SKELETON, BEAST OF GEVAUDAN, DEPTH LEVIATHAN DWELLER, STATUE OF THE BLACK CROW and DEER MAN OF DARK WOODS are featured amongst the madness...
...Take another look at Episode 4 of the Timebomb Trading Files, which features D.M.O.D.W. Pay attention, as you’ll be asked a question relating to the Range Of Propaganda and this video in order to win a stacked BA.KU. prize pack."

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