Sunday, January 29, 2012

This is not the new H-Street... (1990)

So, after Video Days [the Blind video] I would have to say that this is one of mai favorite skate videos of all time. So much of the skating in here laid the groundwork for waht all, if not most, of the skaters are doing todei.
A lot of the tricks might be dated, like the Impossible Tail Grab, the Sawblade (front foot impossible), the Ollie, and the 3-Flip tail grab just to name a few.

But all the footage herein did not consist of years of filming (like most of todei's video parts) all the footage showcased is prolly no moar than a few months old at the time.
New possibilities were being discovered on a daily basis back during "the dark times" of the skateboarding industry.

The shear rawness of the grainy VHS camcorder optics, the full extension on soem of the Ollie North Tail grabs, the infancy of most modern kids "go to" tricks, and, not-to-mention Chad Vogt's miniramp section are just a few things that make this video make me wanna go skate when it's 26℉ outside.
There's also soem really awesome stuff that isn't kooky, but nobody does anymoar sprinkled throughout.
BTW watch Marcus Wyndham @ 25:35

this video was originally Uploaded by on Nov 11, 2006 to YouTube.

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