Sunday, January 8, 2012

Julian Izaguirre: Street Killaz 3...

So, here's a dewd that I just love to have around when I skate, even if I'm skating with other people this kid shows up, he just makes it moar funner.
It's great to see soemone in the younger [new] generation wanting to skate because of the pure enjoyment of skating, having fun and killing it at the saem time.
I love that he gets pissed at his friends when they give lame excuses to not skate on a beautiful dei.
He just loves to skate, always smiling, has the charge & barge mentality, and down to skate with anybody.
If you ever come to Chicago and have the opportunity to skate with him, you are guaranteed to have fun, laughs, and a great session.
His chest piece can be a bit intimidating, but that smile just opens the doors.
Julian rides for Character Skateboards, Born & Hated and Modest skateshop in Forest Park, IL.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Got Me On The Line" by Ratt on Pandora from the album "Invasion Of Privacy" released in 1985.

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