Sunday, January 1, 2012

Get'n Pho'kd Up On Pho...

Original Tasty Pho pic from Pho Café

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So, while on mai vacation I went to this Pho place, in Silver Lake, CA., that we were told was all the rage.
Now, mai whole thing with Pho is that it's been on the menu for years and there were a handful of places out there. I remember back in like 2002, while visiting Seattle, seeing one place. But lately within the past year or two they just started popping up and people are flipping out over them.
Do a Google search in your area... Tons!

It's just broth with veggies and/or meat.
Mai guess is that white people found out about it, and wanna feel like they're hip to AZN food culture w/o venturing to far down the culinary path. You're just having soup, you're not having a really tasteful AZN entreeatic tastebud orgasm.

Shit, I could go to the store now, buy a box of Knorr® broth, grab a handful of arugula (which is also popular now), soem carrots & cucumbers, grab a few chicken fajita strips from the bag I bought at Costco, and whip you up a nice Pho feast.
Grab you a few sticks from the backyard for chop sticks, and then eat like you're living in the stone ages.

It was a good meal, but nothing special to write home about.
I think chix like to go there so they feel like they "ate" a lot and don't feel like complete pigs while on a date. When in reality they just paid $7 for soem ramen.

Not dissing the time I had there, it was great, just don't see waht all the hype was about.

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