Friday, January 6, 2012

Sheep Shoes: Life of Leisure 1996 part 1...

So, here's a lil piece of skate history, the Sheep Shoes video from 1996.
I've never seen this, but knew about the shoes. Didn't know who Rick McCrank was until about 1999, but his part in this is pretty good.
Frank Hirata's part is still good to watch even at 2012 standards, his speed and lines are dope.
Part 1 ends with Matt Field cruzing around with a Wallride Nollie Indy out towards the end...

Sheep Shoes were a Vegan skate shoe, which was pretty underground still and ahead of its time. I always wanted a pair because I idolized Ed Templeman since his Schmitt Stix days with Andy Howell
I think Es shoes did a re-launch back in 2010. Dunno if they're still doing it since the Vegan thing is moar well known now.
I hope I can find part 2 on YouTube.
This was uploaded to YouTube by SNEAKYDOGFILMS

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