Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why Wheelbase Is Important On A Skateboard...

So, this is a really informative video on the subject of wheelbase, as well as, tail length. Co-hosting this video is Sara, who is representing Silly Girl Design which is owned by the by the lovely Jamie Parker

While watching this video the first thing that cam to mai mine was "hey, Creature should watch this video" because their tails are short.
If you {collective} ride them [creature decks] with anything over a 55mm wheel, and have any sort of riser under your trucks you can just forget about trying to pop a good ollie. It's a struggle to push one down and once the tail hits, the nose of the board is so steep that you're traveling ( ←→ ) moar than you're lifting ( ↑ ) which we all know can lead to some hangups. Also, if you're trying to ollie off a hip (personal experience) the tail soemtimes doesn't even hit and you're doing one of those "pressure" ollies.
Maybe Creature decks should be used in the pool, then, with big wheels and risers, and in the streets with no risers and wheels under 55mm.

Now, these claims are merely my own from personal experiences and multiple set ups experimenting with why I only have this problem with recent creature decks in the past 6 years and in no way is to hate on them. They have a solid team, and Al Partanen & Sam Hitz are old Milwaukee skate friends with soem of mai good friends here in Chicago.
And I can honestly say that when I rode Creature in 1995-97 that they were the only decks I rode, the multiple Cyclops and Robots I bought were phenomenal. I think it's just in recent years that soemthing changed.
I just can't support their decks anymore, I mean, I love the art, and the 6-pack iCooler comes in mighty handy.

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