Sunday, March 11, 2012

Alien Workshop: Dinosaur jr. & Duane Pitre Decks...

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So, Alien Workshop is doing a run of tribute, collectors series decks.
These include Dinosaur jr., who were a major influence on the early AW skate vid soundtracks, to celebrate J. Mascis' new guitar out now by Fender Guitars.
Duane Pitre who also has a celebratory board out now to coincide with his new album "Feel Free" <--- (soundcloud preview) on Important Records. Duane was one of the original pro AW team riders and the two of them are together again.

Here's a clip of Duane and Dinosaur jr. together back in 1991.

Latest news from

March 27th, 2012 will be the release date for my "Feel Free" CD/LP as well as asplit LP w/ Eleh (my side consisting of a 20 minute recording of the installation version of Feel Free). Both are being released by Important Records.

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