Saturday, March 3, 2012

Today's Time Capsule: The Wipers: This Time...

So, here's a piece of PDX punk history, none other than mai favorite songwriter, Greg Sage.
I first saw the name of this band on the mail order card of soem band on the Enigma record label, Agent Orange, Adrenalin O.D.?
I forget... but it wasn't until I went on one of mai many trips to Reckless Records, in the waxing years of the 90s, that I saw the cassette tape for their album "The Circle," which was released in 1988, that I first heard them. I listened to that tape over and over and over. Until I eventually found their 1987 album "Follow Blind."
Then, a few years later after Kurt Cobain was murdered, MTV was playing all these interviews where he was citing influences, and he mentions Greg Sage & The Wipers, I was all like "hell yeah, no way" that's so cool.
It was then that I started looking for moar releases by this guy/band, having no luck for many years. ll the record shops had the section for them, but never any releases.

So I had to rely on mai two cassette tapes to pull me through until 2003 when I found Zeno Records.
For ten years I only had these two tapes, and most of those ten years those two tapes (or at least one) never left my car.

It was in 2003 that I had seen that Greg was releasing this 3xCD compilation of the first 3 Wipers albums w/many bonus tracks, outtakes, and mixes simply titled "Box Set."

This track is from that release.

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