Saturday, March 10, 2012

Backside Slap Maxwell 5-0...

So, I was gunna go to Chicago to skate todei, but traffic suxd and the wind was KNDA brutal, so I went to the skatepark in Villa Park, IL.
There was nobody there, once I put mai board down and took a lap I realized why. There was an broken razor scooter lying off to the side so I picked it up and shoved it next to the slant ramp. Honestly, I thought mai iPhone would post a better video.
I'll transfer to mai compy later and then swap this vid for a dif one. (I emailed this one)

It was the best thing to skate at that park.

Apparently grind line has on their website a design in the works for a total overhaul of this dump of a park, and there are fundraisers by the town to raise money. I gues they got like 10k from Tony Hawk foundation and 20k from Pepsi so far.
We'll see.

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