Saturday, June 16, 2012

Uprise Skateshop: sUprise - Skateboarding In The Streets vol.1...

Suprise (Skateboarding in the streets Vol.1) from Uprise on Vimeo.

So, here's an old video that Uprise skateshop put out in like 2001/02ish, IDK all I know is that it was before 2003 because there is no Wilson footage and everyone is wearing baggy cargo pants and (at times) soem god-awful huge shoes. {oh skateboard trends} I guess it's better than soem ball-high Skate Rags that were popular in the early 80's.

Marfa from Wellborn Clothing has a part in this video skating to soem Chicago punkers, Pegboy @ 11:06. ("finger to fakie" photo: Chris Anderson)

Ryan Walters skates so fast in real life, and the Ollie footplant kickflip, I can only imagine, was done hauling balls @ 14:43.

Stu Jacobs does a nice Cab over a pyramid hip to Mötley Crüe @4:18.

Jackson Hennessey is a just a lil short-haired boy in here, and now he's a grown-ass married man with a kid, long hair, and still ripping when the board is under his feet.

Also, there is a teeny weeny Neen(y) Williams skating under his given name, Eugene.

If I remember correct, they cut Jesse Neuhaus' part out of the video at the last second for soem reason. I think it was because Jesse had a friend of his film his clips, and not the Uprise filmer.
I guess it was in the video at the premiere, but not on the final release.

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