Thursday, June 7, 2012

R.I.P. Ward Cramer...

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So, I just got the news that another fellow skateboarder and Midwest ripper, Ward Cramer, has been taken away from us too early. You can see him in these videos from 1980 at the Endless Summer skatepark in Michigan.

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He rode for such companies as Gullwing Trucks, G&S skateboards, Timz Skateboards, Character Skateboards, American Nomad Skateboards, and lived in places like Detroit, Chicago and Louisville.
He was only in his late 40's.
47 I think.

I only skated with him a handful of times, but most of mai friends were good friends with him, and a few were childhood skate friends of his.

Forever sessioning the great skatepark in the sky.

The Concretins also have a tribute blog post about Ward.
I met a few of those dudes a few years ago out in AZ for an Old Man Army BBQ, and some rolled through Wilson in Chicago once. 

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