Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sit Next To A Vegan...

So, back in January 1995 I sat next to soem Vegans on Southwest Airlines and I didn't even have to pay $10.
I was on mai way to Las Vegas to stay with mai friend Tim for two weeks and skate with his friends, this is the trip when I met Kenny Anderson, and on the plane ride there I sat next to these two crusty punk looking chix.

One of them had a Gibson guitar case for an SG so I sparked up a conversation about me also playing guitar and it turns out that they'd just come from recording with Steve Albini for an upcoming split record with Los Crudos. The band they were in was Spitboy, the two girls were Adrienne Droogas and Karin Gembus, and outside of the recording session I was the first person to ever hear the record.
They said they worked at Mordam Records and MRR is San Francisco. Karin played me the recordings on her walkman cassette and asked me for my feedback. I prolly gave them soem dumb response, I do remember that I said soemthing about Green Day and Descendents because of the bass guitar sound, and how I liked how the bass sounded in those two bands.
What did I know? I was a 20 year old from St. Charles, IL. and these chix were living real life, in actual bands. This was also the first time I had ever heard of them [Spitboy] and the second time hearing the term Vegan.
They'd brought their own food and it smelled awesome. I forget, now, waht she said it [the food] was, but she said it was Vegan and explained to me the aspects of veganism. I was very intrigued & interested only to respond that "there's a pro skater that I really like, Ed Templeton, who's vegan."
Up until that point I just knew Vegan was like Vegetarian.

One thing that Adreienne offered that I have yet to do was to stop by Mordam Records and say hi the next time I was in San Francisco. It's been 17 years, I doubt the offer still stands since Mordam is now defunct or that they even remember the plane ride meeting me.
Maybe they talk about the story of "soem skater trying to act cool on the plane, chatting us up when all we wanted to do was relax after recording all fucking WKND." <--- fake quote

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