Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fabyan/Settler’s Hill Master Plan...

So, If you like this blog, nature, parks, wildlife, riding bikes, date activities, and family fun please provide support for the Fabyan/Settler's Hill Master Plan. The attached proposed plan will provide both off-road and on road bike trails accessible from the Fox River Bike Trail with no risk to the environment. Also, if you could mention a possible concrete skatepark (built by a skater owned company ex: Ben Schroeder) that'd be great for this area.

Here's how you can help. In order to move forward with extending the existing 30 year old mountain bike trails, maintain the beautiful wooded areas, and make use of the former land fill; we need 1000 emails sent to the County Board members asking that they consider using this property for recreational use. Timing is critical, all emails must be received by June 10th.  

Click here for simple step by step instructions for emailing the Kane County Board.  The 5 minutes it will take you to submit your email will have a huge impact on preserving our mountain bike trails.      

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