Saturday, December 10, 2011

Today's Time Capsule: Ozric Tentacles...

So, back in like 1996-'97 I found out about this band by reading interviews of mai favorite Goa Psychedelic Trance artists (Doof, Hallucinogen, etc.) and almost every time the name Ozric Tentacles came up as either an influence or music that they're into at the moment. Also, I found out that two of the members were the band Eat Static, so that made me want to search for albums by "The Ozrics" even moar.
I've heard some Eat Static tracks on various Goa/Psy compilations and even owned a copy of "Epsylon"at the time, but had no clue about their other group.
This track is one of mai faves especially the breakdown in the middle and right where it picks up again.

I had the chance to see this band back in like 2005 at The Abbey Pub in Chicago, but ended up not going because I didn't know anyone else that was going or that even wanted to go, and I didn't wanna go by myself. My loss.

As of the end of this post I am currently listening to "Rag"by Shudder To Think from the album "Ten Spot" released in 1990 on Dischord Records.
(Ten Spot came as a bonus on the CD for Funeral at the Movies)

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