Monday, October 10, 2011

Skater boiz...

So, I saw these dewdz chillin in front of OTC in Chicago while walking from work to the train. I gave them soem of Mai "it's not a handle" buttons a few "R U 4 SRSLY" and one "PWND," I think they were stoked.
I got a brewdog, and a slice of 'za for the ride home and they were on the saem train.
They reminded me of Mai friends and I when we would take the train in to the city to shred. One of those friends being Steve, who owns Yeah! Boardshop in Bartlett, IL.

They were okay kids from waht I could tell. There was the loud one who made noises and dumb jokes, the quiet one who just chilled to (I wanna think) Slayer in his headphones, and the moderator who wanted them to use their inside voices. I hope they keep skating, and I get to ride with them soemday. Maybe at Wilson.

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