Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome Skateboards: Sorcerer Sammy Cole, Monarchs Of Magic...

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"Due to the ever increasing ADD (attention deficit disorder) when it comes to watching a full video ([them] too), WELCOME is releasing video parts of "Monarchs of Magic" one by one this year and then tying them all together at the end of the year in a DVD along with footage that fans have submitted throughout the year.
[They] have cast a spell to bring fun back to skating, let the others worry about being one uppers and celebrities."
So, Welcome Skateboards just released this part yesterdei on YouTube, and let me tell you, It's one of the most refreshing American skateboarding parts that I've seen this year.
Usually you see parts like this come from those crazy Japanese skaters. I would love to skate with this dude soemtime. His style KNDA reminds me of a local Chicago skater that goes by the name of Dalba who rides for Hated Skateboards. --------- (Facebook)

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